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A Small Dollar Donation Isn't a Threat, Susan Collins—It's a Promise

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/14/small-dollar-donation-isnt-threat-susan-collins-its-promise


Collins has her nose stuck so far up Trump’s rectum she has
not seen the light of day since his installation. Her twisted views on Democracy are a
threat to the commons. Well done, May Collins ‘rot’ in hell.


Wow Jackie, that’s incredible. So little feckless Susan thinks your $20 donation to her opponent is bribery, but her $36,991,664 in donations, from mostly corporate sponsors, is not. You can’t make this sh!t up.
Maine, please remove this sociopath.



There more then enough bad Politicians to go around. Some are corrupt and sleazy. Some small few are genuine in the things they believe in even if they might not be something I believe in.

That all said the ones i tend to dislike the most are the hypocrites and liars. The ones who condemn others for an action even as they commit that same act. The ones that make promises to the voter while never having the intent to fill any of those promises.

This latter group are the ones I especially like to see defeated in elections. Ms Collins is in this group so good luck to the people of Maine in voting her out.


Coming from a plastic shell of a Senator like Collins, that takes genuine chutzpah.


Damn! Are deep-pocketed corporate donors ever gonna be pissed to learn they could have been buying Collins’ “services” for a mere twenty bucks.


There are two things I don’t like about Collins. Her face.



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Let’s ask some basic questions about Ms. Susan Collins.

Who is this ghastly person sneering out at the world in a red dress and shiny gold necklace? Who is this person wearing a countenance of contempt on her red lip-stuck mouth?

What does this person believe? Is this person qualified to sit in such a high office? Is she educated? Has she taken courses in ethics and epistemology? Does she understand the philosophical foundations of the U.S. government? Has she read John Locke? Or Rousseau? Or Spinoza? Or Kant? Has she read Plato’s Republic?

Has she read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson? Rachel Carson lived in Maine. What is Ms. Collins doing to safeguard Rachel Carson’s legacy?

What does Ms. Collins consider to be the meaning of life? Why did she decide to go into politics? Does she believe in public service? Does she believe that the United States is in good condition? Does she believe that the United States can improve? What is she doing to make the United States a better country?


Can’t wait to never see collins cartoonish visage or hear her quavering voice ever again.

What cartoon character is she reminding me of???

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The Tangerine Twit?

I have also donated to Senator Collins opponent - Lisa Savage, the Green candidate. Maine votes using RCV so I urge all progressive people to support Lisa in her quest to unseat Collins. If you live in Maine give Lisa your first place votes and Gideon your second place votes. This is the optimal way to help defeat Collins and get her out of the Senate. Also, it was announced today that Lisa has been invited to the two virtual debates being hosted by the largest media group in the state. The first debate is on September 11th (yes, the anniversary of that most infamous act - the overthrow of Salvadore Allende). I can’t wait to attend and afterwards to thank the TV station for including her and to share my feelings about the outcome.


Collins looks even nastier and more stuck-up than Hilliary or McConnell, and almost as uhg-u-lee as Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass or Bill Barr.   (Living proof that “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is clear to the bone.” )


All relevant and highly relevant questions. Wouldn’t it be cool to accost her in an elevator and ask her directly and listen to her deny, dissemble, distract, and redirect?

Kudos for remembering Allende and the date.


I too support the Green Party candidate, Lisa Savage.

I dislike Susan Collins and what she stands for immensely and I pray that she goes down in flames.

But I am leery of Sara Gideon because she is a Maine Democratic Party insider.
And the Maine Democratic Party is about as democratic as the national Democratic Party - that is NOT DEMOCRATIC AT ALL.

The Maine Democratic Party TWO TIMES backed an independent candidate for Governor over the official party candidate - and as a result we got Repulbican Paul LePage TWO TIMES with a minority of the votes. He was a disaster for the State of Maine. Thank you Maine Democratic Party.

And where is Sara with the disastrous CMP Corridor? She is silent because she does not want to cross the current Democratic Governor (Janet Mills) because the Governor’s brother is an employee of the Corridor. So we are getting the massively destructive CMP Corridor rammed through State Government with all of the political grease of a Trump Swamp Creature. It is going to be the corruption business as usual whether we get a Republican or a Democrat in the Senate. We must elect a Green if we value our Democracy and Environment.


Very clever.

I had to read your post several times to try to figure out the second thing…
And finally I realized you summed up Susan Collins to a tee - a two-faced lying politician.

For years she has pretended and polished her fake image as the “Moderate from Maine”
In actuality, she would vote “the right way” only when she knew her vote would make absolutely no difference.
I am certain behind closed doors she would console the Republican leadership with her strategy to appear to be a moderate when in fact she is as right-wing as Joe McCarthy.
In every critical vote, she sides with the most regressive Republican position possible.
And we all knew she was going to vote for Brett Kavanaugh from the start.


Absolutely no doubt Lisa Savage is a great candidate - and RCV voting allows her candidacy to ditch the supposed “spoiler effect” and be seen with more open eyes by the people of Maine (~https://LisaForMaine.org). Regarding whether you decide to vote for Gideon second or not is of course your own private choice. For myself - if I lived in Maine I would put Gideon down as a second choice because I would like to see the Democrats take control of the Senate for two reasons: 1) in order to get through better judicial appointments and 2) in the off chance that Schumer can be defeated in the primary in 2022, we might get a decent majority leader which is important for U.S. politics across many dimensions (and could also affect whether crappy go-with-the-party senators might cast a decent vote now and again).

Anyway - I hate the fact that we are constantly obsessing over this kind of debate. We should be spending 90% of our time on electoral politics working for people like Lisa and 10% debating our second choices - not the other way around.

Let me then add the importance of supporting Jake Tonkel, the Green/Peace & Freedom candidate for San Jose CA city council district 6, to the list of solid candidates to get behind. Jake just got the endorsement of Our Revolution - who rarely endorse Green candidates (it would be nice to see more of that). Learn more at ~https://jake4d6.com


If you haven’t seen the stopsusan(dot)com response ad to Collins,’ I highly recommend it:


Aunt Pittypat, though her GWTW character was cartoonish, technically speaking.