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A Soil Pilgrimage


A Soil Pilgrimage

Vandana Shiva

I have just returned from a soil pilgrimage undertaken to celebrate the International Year of Soil and renew our commitment to a non-violent relationship with the earth, the soil and our society. On October 2, we started the pilgrimage from Bapu Kutir at Sevagram Ashram, Maharashtra.


Ahimsa, non-violence, includes not killing animals for food. The simple act of not eating animals reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 50%. True environmentalists and true progressives do not participate in the animal slaughter industry.


You lose considerable credibility when you misquote your 'over 50%' figure. Most people will dismiss your whole argument, which I find questionable on many levels, with this alone. I might add your attacks on people not agreeing with you is not at all 'Zen' like, is it? Here's a link you might find helpful. /https://www.chathamhouse.org/sites/files/chathamhouse/field/field_document/20141203LivestockClimateChangeBaileyFroggattWellesley.pdf?dm_i=1TY5,30JL0,BHZILT,AUGSP,1


Pointing out that a true environmentalist or a true progressive does not kill animals is not an attack on anyone. See the movie Cowspiracy for support for the fact that the animal slaughter industry contributes more than 50% of all greenhouse gases. That is not an incorrect statement. Stating a fact does not cause one to lose credibility. Perhaps your denial of that fact causes you to lose credibility. And your eagerness to criticize my Zen practice, about which you know nothing, tells me all I need to know about you.


Did you read the link I forwarded? I read on cowspiracy.com under facts, 1st listing, "Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions." This correlates with the research I provided for you. So it seems you are not stating a fact and I'm not in denial but rather gently suggesting you reconsider so as to not lose credibility for your argument which I see you raise in many posts here on Common Dreams. As a member of a Zen Center your accusations that I know nothing is further evidence of your attacking nature. How is it that you made that assumption, my friend?


You did not provide me with that 18% figure. I have used that figure many, many times in my comments here at CD. However, the movie Cowspiracy said very clearly that the actual percentage was slightly over 50%. You need to watch the movie. Just because I commented that true environmentalists and true progressives do not kill animals for food, you insulted my Zen practice. Now you say that you also belong to a Zen Center. So? I said you don't know anything about my practice, and that is the truth. Nor do I know anything about your practice, except that you found it appropriate to insult my Zen practice because I made a comment here at CD that you did not agree with.


I have followed Vandana Shiva's work for years. She is a treasure.

See the Kickstarter documentary that I gave a few bucks to which is in process re her life.

Listen up. She is one who has words worth hearing, absorbing and acting on.


We will save the earth

By saving the earth


One guy grew eight inches of carbon rich topsoil in one season using the ORMUS mineral nutrients, keyline plowing and planned grazing of livestock. Google topsoil "garden-life" for pictures.


Vandana Shiva is one of the most brilliant souls alive today. I once met a spiritually astute teacher who defined wisdom as the "place" where intelligence and integrity meet. Ms. Shiva fits that.

This part of her article, among others, bears repeating:

"Above all, it allows a transition from the violent paradigm, structures and systems of capitalist patriarchy to the non-violent paradigm, structures and systems based on ahimsa, which include the well being of all.

"Organic farming is the answer to drought and climate change. It is also a peace solution. If we do not respect the soil and our cultural diversity and if we do not collectively recommit ourselves to ahimsa, we can rapidly disintegrate as a civilisation.

"For me, organic agriculture is the dharma that sows the seeds of peace and prosperity for all. It helps us break out of the vicious cycle of violence and degeneration, and create virtuous cycles based on non-violence and regeneration."



There are a number of factors involved in the deterioration of soil quality overall (it's a complex issue). One of the more difficult factors discuss is the impact of traffic pollution . We are a car culture, one of several nations where the use of privately owned motor vehicles is excessive. Every time you turn the ignition key on your car, you begin adding soot and oil particles to the air -- a significant factor in global warming, incidentally. Particles caught in rain are brought back to the surface of the planet, soaking into the ground, so that the levels of toxic oil particles in soil slowly increase. It's not hard to figure out the consequences.


It appears to be even less adequate than current farming practices for meeting the basic food needs of humans. Organic farming is a great idea under ideal conditions. It's a different story if your fields become infested, or disease kills off your herds. Farming is a business, not a philosophy. Each farmer needs to be able to produce enough food for a significant number of people. They need to be able to sell enough of what they produce just to stay in business, and keep their own families fed and sheltered.

Rich people can manage charming hobby farms. The rest have to meet market demands.


Ah, but some would beg to differ.

"There are actually myriad studies from around the world showing that organic farms can produce about as much, and in some settings much more, than conventional farms. Where there is a yield gap, it tends to be widest in wealthy nations, where farmers use copious amounts of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in a perennial attempt to maximize yields. It is true that farmers converting to organic production often encounter lower yields in the first few years, as the soil and surrounding biodiversity recover from years of assault with chemicals. And it may take several seasons for farmers to refine the new approach.

But the long-standing argument that organic farming would yield just one-third or one-half of conventional farming was based on biased assumptions and lack of data. For example, the often-cited statistic that switching to organic farming in the United States would only yield one-quarter of the food currently produced there is based on a U.S. Department of Agriculture study showing that all the manure in the United States could only meet one-quarter of the nation's fertilizer needs-even though organic farmers depend on much more than just manure.

More up-to-date research refutes these arguments."



No one can grow 8" of topsoil in one season.



You can see more examples of increased soil sequestration linked at garden-life dot ws . These include pictures of giant walnuts, seventeen foot tall corn stalks and some university studies linked at plant-lynx.htm . The plant-lynx page also has a cheap and easy way to concentrate the ORMUS minerals for yourself.


You can see my giant nuts in my profile picture. More pictures of these giant nuts can be seen at garden-life dot ws / walnuts.htm