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'A Solution for All Generations': With Plan for Social Security Expansion, Warren Demands Rich Pay Fair Share to Lift 5 Million Out of Poverty

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/12/solution-all-generations-plan-social-security-expansion-warren-demands-rich-pay-fair

Seems CD is now pushing the takeover-headed-for-destruction of faux progressive Tin Lizzie as nominee! I’ve about fucking had it! IDENTITY POLITICS IS GOING TO DOOM THE ELECTION PROCESS! (What is left of it.)

To paraphrase an old saying from a couple decades ago: "A vote for Warren is a vote for Trump!

Oh, remember this: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/elizabeth-warren-using-hillary-clinton-as-confidant-in-potential-face-off-with-trump


Expanding Social Security Benefits and changing the Social Security taxes so they are not regressive are important initiatives. I also like the fact that she has capital gains income taxed - though I see no reason for it to be taxed at a lower rate than wage income (Bernie’s plan just taxes it at the same rate).

I also don’t see the logic of removing the windfall provisions that currently affect people like me who didn’t pay social security taxes in most years because I was part of a nice state pension system. I think that money would be better going back to an even larger expansion of benefits for the lower wage earners.


Not sure whether dem elites love her as much as the press does. Cnn running Lizzy infomercials all day.She sure is trying to cover all the bases. They will keep mayor Pete and Kamala in there just in case Biden croaks. The weaker the better for them as they seem pretty okay with Trump.And the donors love those tax cuts and de-regulation with some good old racism thrown in.
BERNIE 2020 No one else will do.


I will never understand why that is not seen by ALL working class people who have been getting screwed for decades! Maybe I have to start looking at a possible answer that I really don’t want to see: MANY working class people are lazy, moronic, and gullible. I guess that could be the reasons “identity politics” has such a grip when ISSUES are so critical.

$200.00 a month increase will bring me up to the poverty level. I have been below the poverty level since 1993, almost 1/2 my life. Thanks Liz, nice thought. Wishing you all the best, Me :-(((


About a year or so ago, Bernie and Liz put forth a proposal to give SS recipients a percentage increase equal to the average percentage increase CEOs received. That proposal along with this plan from Liz will go NOWHERE. As long as capitalism reigns supreme, nothing of value will ever come from the democratic party.

“Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you.” - George Carlin - The American Dream (2004)


Actually her plan starts with a minimum that is at 125% of the poverty level before the $200 is added - so your additional benefit would be more like $600 extra per month (assuming you have worked for a full 30 years in a Social Security contributing position)


I was made disabled in 1993 and receive SSDI until last year when SS made me “retired” so there is no 30 years to bank on. 600 would be an increase of over 1/2 of what I get now, ain’t gonna happen. Nice thought, thanks.

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After a lifetime of being happily self-employed, working really hard, but earning extremely low wages, an increase in SS benefits to poverty level would be life changing for me. carlmarks: I’m still a Bernie supporter but voting for Warren is NOT equivalent to voting for Trump.


This plan sounds really good, but putting forth a ‘plan’ and actually getting it introduced, voted on, and ratified in Congress is a cat of a very different stripe – until I see my meager check rise I think I’ll stick with Bernie.


Good luck, Warren!


Trump thanks you for your support.

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Thank you all for commenting.
Currently, most folks use up all savings by age 72. If there is not a defined pension income, then SS is all they have to live on. This was not the original plan.

To further stir the pot:

  1. AARP reports that over 4 million grandparent homes are raising their grandchildren, usually without additional income.
  2. Local costs like water bill, sewer are used for income to pay police, fire,ambulance, streets, etc. A local progressive income tax is far more fair.
  3. Cost of living adjustments the past few years are meager and immediately used for increases in part D, medicare riders, etc, The grocery store prices should be a part of COLA evaluation.
  4. Widows take a massive standard of living hit when hubby subsides.
  5. We may have to legalize three generation homes to reduce the number of folks in poverty.
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Clearly, Liz is piggybacking on Bernie’s plan in many respects.

This ABB (Anybody But Bernie) game plan from TPTB is getting as tiresome as it is obvious.


1.) S.T., she is piggybacking on DAMN NEAR EVERY BERNIE PLAN!

2.) It seems that the “ABB” plan is working and that is going to be the beginning of the end for what is left of the best champion for “We the People” since they fucked Dennis Kucinich fifteen years ago!

3.) I think you will appreciate this clip; however, many will not:


Yeah, I saw this shameless tapdancing display.
She’s fairly good with weasel words.
Of course, she’s had a lot of practice over the years.
When she had a chance to back Bernie, she showed how gutless she is.
Those who trust her, trusted Obama…Suckas.


Good points.
The 2035 figure is a bogus deal meant to scare people. A tax increase on the Corporotocracy and 1%ers would eliminate the need for any cuts.
Or, we can give them an offer they can’t refuse.


dear Mrs Ann,
I’ll take ‘make them an offer’ for $1,800

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