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A Sour Holiday Season for Neocons

A Sour Holiday Season for Neocons

Robert Parry

America’s extended Christmas holiday season, stretching through much of November and all of December, has not been a happy time for Official Washington’s dominant neoconservatives and their liberal-interventionist sidekicks.


It’s not coincidental—right?—that the U.S.’ role in the horror of Syria, the selling of munitions to Saudi Arabia, who then used them to bomb Syria into rubble, has disappeared from the MSM narrative.


Parry has gone way off the deep end with his crypto-Trumpism (his cabinet appointments are not “neocons”???) and his support of the savage Assad against all dissenters in Syria.

There seems to be literally a mass-hysteria-like psychosos descending on the US left.

Here is some reading for the Assad-loving left…


Neocons have ruled the foreign policy roost for more than the “past couple of decades”. They sunk their talons in as soon as Saint Ron was coronated in 1981 and they enlisted the other side of the Congressional aisle when the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was formed in 1985.


Saudi Arabia and the US has not bombed Syria - they are bombing Yemen. The Syrian people are being bombed by Assad and Putin.

Believe it or not, there actually are other savage and murderous national leaders in the world who are not named “Barak Obama” or “Hillary Clinton”.


Parry is usually on-the-money but this time I think he is overly optimistic.

It’s true that the wheels are coming off various neo-con/lib-hawk schemes at the moment, and there may be some hope in this.

But of the goons & lunatics surrounding Trump, there are none who would have the slightest inclination to bucking the Rule of the Pentagon. And it has been the Pentagon (with help from its pals at CIA) which has been pulling the strings of the neo-con/lib-hawks.

Bottom-line: US proxy Russia-war in Syria will continue, and new insane schemes will ensue.

Still, if WaPo & NYT are losing some of their cred, if the Washington elites are experiencing strife & division, there might be some room for hope, somewhere, someday.


Rather than send you to a thousand sources, this rounds things up and can be checked through slowly if anyone cares to:

To be short, the US has funded ISIS and various organizations to destabilize Syria and put black ops boots on the ground, and also bombed Syria. I am not certain that the Saudi government has been directly involved in the bombing of Syria, but it has been extensively involved in funding.

The US has also bombed Yemen, of course, and funded and armed Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemen.

It is interesting that educated Americans generally do not know whom the nation is bombing and whom it is not. I don’t mean to be snide: it has really become hard to keep track. The current count is supposedly at seven, but there’s no real way to be certain that the figure is not higher.

There are indeed other savage and murderous national leaders who are not named Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. They are just none as active.


Yeah, you’d almost think that Russia was bombing in Syria. Saudis have committed atrocities in Yemen. The only large scale military intervention in Syria is by Putin.

Did you read the articles? So you are saying that Yassin al-Haj Saleh - who suffered torture and imprisonment by Assad’s government for his leftism and has lost family members to Addad’s military - with others having to flee to Europe - is just a “shill” as to use the babble the neurotic left?

So the Syrian Civil War had nothing to do with a popular uprising against Assad - and his brutal suppression of it?

So you really don’t care about what happens to fellow Syrian leftists - and the Syrian people at the hands of Assad, right? The enemy of my enemy (the USA - the ONLY evil in the world) is my friend. Do you know how fucking infantile that is? The real world of humanity is not a computer game or a Robert Ludlum novel.

The infantile, totally unprincipled, US left is becoming indistinguishable from fascists. FUCK YOU ALL!


With this article I think CD is formally coming out as putinist. And Trumpist.

Yes, but pro-interventionist Hillary-style liberals like you and Lrx are not much help to whatever may be left of a sane, principled Left either.

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Oh yes, tell me of the times I have supported interventions. You, like CD itself, are just striking out in all directions.

Sorry - that was a bit of an outburst - I don’t know what your positions on US interventions are…

As far as I am concerned, there are NO justifiable US interventions. All our meddling and supposed ‘do-gooding’ has left disaster in its wake - with no benefits for anyone, with the possible exception of Israel, a state that consistently acts in ways that we ‘say’ we are opposed to in our constitution.

We need to step back and take several deep breaths while we let the American people, NOT the politicians and corporatists, evaluate the costs and benefits of forever sticking our noses in other peoples business.


That is total B.S.


Thanks CD for posting another timely piece by Robert Parry, a voice of reason and factual reportage about international issues. It wan’t that long ago that the U. S. and Russia were working together to rid Syria of ISIS and other terrorist groups. After the “accidental” bombing of Syrian Army troops by U. S. forces, cooperation ended. Remember, Russia and Syria were allies all during the cold war, and Russia is in Syria at the request of the Syrians. East Aleppo was not occupied by a group of Syrian democrats, no, it was occupied by ISIS terrorists who conveniently in true Orwellian fashion became “rebels.”


Fear not, Neocons. Barack Obama will give shoulder fired anti aircraft missiles to the “rebels” and the regime change will continue. Will Trump escalate or does he owe the Russians so much that he will pull out?

Israel is one state in the ME the US hasn’t intervened in with direct military force. We just fund it. Can we agree that opposing US interventions does not mean we should cheer putin interventions? This is the kind of old style Great Power politics that can easily go out of control. This article suggests that the election of Trump is some kind of great forward leap in American foreign policy.

In much the same Orwellian way in which Assad, heir to a tyrant, becomes “Syria”.

This seems optimistic, sadly. Would some other group have had a sweeter season.

It is not mostly a disadvantage to the neocons as a group that not everyone takes them seriously. They announce some policies, of course, but they also do a good deal of advertising to disinform the population of their intentions, connections, and practices. Were that not true or had their propaganda little success. This is consistent with a philosophy that emphasizes coercion and control.

The neocons would have preferred Clinton, surely. But it is not as though they cannot talk to Mr “Art of the Deal” or are going to be troubled working with Republican majorities. Given Warren’s apologia for the same Bush-Obama neoliberal corporatism that she rose to public prominence criticizing would appear to leave the Democratic party with just Bernie Sanders and only between elections.

No, the neocons are still there, still serious, still running at least the Democratic Party, and probably still in a position to purchase whatever Republicans they have not.