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'A Staggeringly Bad Idea': Outrage as Pelosi Pushes Tax Rule That Would 'Kneecap the Progressive Agenda'


'A Staggeringly Bad Idea': Outrage as Pelosi Pushes Tax Rule That Would 'Kneecap the Progressive Agenda'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Nearly three-quarters of the American public and a historic number of Democratic lawmakers support Medicare for All, but the House Democratic leadership is considering using its newly won majority to impose a rule that would "



Well, I guess Old Nance is pushing for total losses coming up. And that is the way to Shut up her naysayers. Losers. I predict a yuge rumble before the next general election. the DNC better wise up, and FAST.



So she doesn’t really want to be elected Speaker?



I haven’t trusted Pelosi ever since she got in there and sold out long ago.



The price of (non) admission. She’ll always be able to say she tried. There must be a less beholden, more progressive candidate for Speaker.



One word for d-party leadership: Hopeless.



Hear that? Its the sound of millions of keyboards typing to Pelosi to “knock this shyte off”!
All of my friends and family in CA are gonna hear from me as I forward this article AND I will urge them to call call call email email email and tell her to get a phucking grip on what the actual hell happened in this midterm election. Yeah, progressives with a real agenda, commitment and balls.
…what’s that I hear? oh, yes, but of course…the usual complaining bs and circular firing squad we know sooooooo well here at CD.



Nancy Pelosi in the recent past has openly proclaimed, in no uncertain terms, that single payer will NEVER pass, and, that Capitalists will ALWAYS be in charge in the US. Disqualify her as a Democrat in the People’s House!!!



Just shows how out of touch she is with most of America. It is time for her to be replaced



Oh you poor Pelosi numbskulls. Moma & Popa Pelosi is up to their eyeballs in neo-liberal investment - and note the condition of the eyeballs. The pressure might very well be from thoroughly internalizing the condition of being loaded - and that is not in the recreational sense. The DNC has made its bed with its twin bad cop and the juggernaut of uber corporate rape of planet, which threatens 98% of the planet is delightfully succulent to the curdled cream of the DNC. She is the proverbial poster child for revolution and utterly oblivious to it.



I believe her words were ‘will never be on the table’. Screw the table and go straight to legislative movement from grassroots organizing.



Hi smipypr : Where is Yoda when we need him:

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

Pelosi is not trying----her past work shows she was speaker and a louse. : (



Hope this jack off who’s pushing 80 does not re elected speaker.



No one over 65 should be allowed to serve in Congress. The future if for the young, let them chart it.



How about no military budget until the peoples house is in order, that means the same health care as seniors and veterans and foreigners. We have no enemies on our borders and we can put submarines every 100 yards if it makes them feel safer.



This and the absurd ‘pay go policy’ are rotted remnants of the austerity driven neoliberal ‘new democrat agenda’. Neoliberalism was wrong for Reagan Republicans and for the Clinton Democrats and is wrong for America now. The neoliberalism combined with the deference to donors and focus on preventing opening primaries to Independent voters is the core of the crushing of the Democratic party candidates for the last 40 years.

Please let Pelosi and every Democrat in office know that it is time to shift from failed Clinton/DNC neoliberalism to democratic socialism like we had with FDR. It is past time to shift from austerity to investment.



That bill, like ‘pay go’, is deference to the insurance industry and conservative/Republican policies of austerity. Even Medicare for All is but deference to the insurance industry and pharmaceutical industry. If Pelosi will not support use of taxes for Medicare for All, expansion of Medicaid and Social Security, she is certainly not going to allow Democratic support for single payer health care.

Pelosi and the old timers in the house must set aside their commitment to the policies and tools of the 20th century and wake up to those of the 21st Century. Her proposals are an invitation to defeat of the party, the country and herself.



GCall your reps. No. Pelosi. For. Speaker. Make Barbara Lee or some other sensible progressive the Speaker. Pelosi is a do nothing neo con!



Blue Wave, meet Clintonista Sea Wall…



Breach it!