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A Startling Shift in Demographics: Everything Seems to Be Going South

A Startling Shift in Demographics: Everything Seems to Be Going South

David Macaray
Sadly, there will come a day when Detroit speaks of Henry Ford and Walter Reuther with the same sense of nostalgia and lost glory that the Greeks reserve for Plato.
Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (L) participates in a new conference with Toyota Motor Corp and Mazda Motor Corp officials during the announcement that they will build a $1.6 billion joint assembly plant in Alabama in Montgomery, Alabama, U.S. January 10, 2018.

. . . and when President Bannon (or Baron?) refers to Michigan as "That Shit-Hole State . . . "

I wish this meant we got a break on the price of a home grown Toyota.

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Demographics in general are moving South. There is less unemployment, the cost of living is less, taxes are lower, regulation is lower and the climate is warmer.

People do vote with their feet. Of the 10 states growing the slowest (or actually losing population) 8 of the 10 are “Northern” - OH, PA, MI, RI, ME, CT IL and VT (the other two are MS and WV).

The ones growing the fastest are all in the West or South - TX, ND, UT, FL, CO, NV, WA, AZ, ID, SC - mostly low-cost, low-regulation states.

Well, David MacAry got THAT right, at least.  The Whole (Shit-)Hole Whirled is “Going South” from what I can see . . .

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I live in Washington, and it is NOT a low cost low regulation state. It is very expensive. People are pouring into our state because we have a very HIGH minimum wage and lots of jobs. Johnny Rebs seems to like them.

They move their companies down South, because they can pay less wages and pollute more. Why do you think that the US moves its companies south of the border? Same reason. We literally have third world conditions in this country.

Notice I said “mostly”, not “all”.

WA has lots of jobs because of Microsoft, Amazon, and their spin offs, not because of a high minimum wage. Interestingly, it appears that the largest influx of people to Seattle are coming from the San Francisco Bay area, LA and Detroit. Not quite “Johnny Reb”.

Smith I assuming that you don’t live here. I do. Many of the folks taking minimum wage jobs are from the South. Lots of nurses come here from the South. Why? The pay is horrible down South and they have an unsafe number of patients to take care of.

Did you happen to look up why some state’s populations are growing? I did. You can’t assume that they are growing because Northerners are moving south. Many of the states are growing because their residents have too many kids. Two of these states are: Idaho and Utah. Florida is growing because old people are going there to retire.

Kayimm, all I have access to is data. I’m curious as to what constitutes “too many kids” in your opinion - I’m sure the people in Utah and Idaho would probably disagree with you. As for FL, why are people retiring there? It’s cheaper, the climate’s better, there are no death taxes.

People move for endless reasons. As for nurses having an “unsafe number” of patients to care for, in my admittedly anecdotal experience (as I assume yours is), nurses almost everywhere complain of an unsafe number of patients - I’ve heard that complaint from nurses at Harvard and Columbia affiliated teaching hospitals and rural hospitals in multiple states.