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A State of Emergency in France


A State of Emergency in France

Bianca Jagger

I was in la Place de La Republique Sunday afternoon, November 29th, with several thousand people. The Statue of the Republic is covered with flowers and candles to commemorate the victims of the terrorist attacks of November 13th. The monument was also surrounded by pairs of shoes, including a pair from the Pope, to symbolize the climate march which was supposed to take place.


"One said that when the police threw the first teargas, it missed protesters; the wind blew the gas onto police on the other side of the square. Then, he went on, the gassed police retaliated with their own round of tear gas canisters."

Wow! If this statement isn't a metaphor representing the entire farcical war on terror and what it's brought both in the way of violent blowback AND the cannibalization of those funds that would otherwise go to the far more noble purpose of retooling our planet's infrastructure for global warming and its ramifications.

Thank you, Bianca Jagger. And thanks also to Amy Goodman who filmed much of this (as can be viewed on her program-Democracy Now.)

Reading this I think artists should do mock-ups of the Statue of Liberty in chains:

"The state of emergency laws allow the French government to impose house arrest without authorization from a judge, conduct searches without a judicial warrant and seize any computer files it finds, and block websites deemed to glorify terrorism without prior judicial authorization. According to Radio France Internationale since the state of emergency was initiated there have been 1,616 searches of premises, 211 arrests, 161 people charged and 293 weapons seized. Human Rights Watch was among the first organizations to sound the alarm, stating that 'these powers interfere with the rights to liberty, security, freedom of movement, privacy, and freedoms of association and expression."


Open-minded forum readers might wish to give Ole Dammegard a listen. I just bought his book and think he makes a very cogent case for how elites are designing terrorist events to use as pretext to rescind Civil Liberties:


I have long appreciated Ms Jagger and her efforts on behalf of the earth, the indigenous, and the environment as well as human rights. Thank you!


As David Chapell wisely commented during an interview on "The Actor's Studio":

"The worst thing someone can call you is crazy... it's dismissive."

And that is your goal here. Ole Dammegard is brilliant and he has researched the TEMPLATE that's recurrently used in terrorist attacks and assassinations of sitting leaders.

When YOU do that level of research, then come back here and call him nuts.

You say you're a Conservative but MANY of your stated positions are anything but.

You're a chameleon likely paid to post a variety of opinions.


SR: "Ole Dammegard is brilliant..."
armybrat: "This guy is nuts."

Some clips from a quick web search:

"Ole Dammegard: Assassinations of Whitney Houston & Jimmy Hendrix."
"Ole Dammegard discloses the details of the ritual assassination of musician and singer Whitney Houston, including the “All-Seeing Eye & Pyramid” surrounding the site of her assassination, and the timing of her assassination just before Valentine’s Day so that record labels Sony and Apple could maximally profit on her ritual assassination."

"Ole Dammegard: US/Israel/Bilderberger crisis actor group stages false flags at Ottawa, Paris, Copenhagen. Italy next?"
"The centrality of Israel, Rothschild and Bilderberger forces are an apparent thread in this “tour” of an apparent crisis actor False Flag team from Ottawa to Paris to Copenhagen. Announced and yet unperformed False Flags are in Ireland (perhaps Dublin) and somewhere in Italy. In some instances, photos of false flag victim children (who in fact are not dead) have been used in poster walls at the Sandy Hook False Flag (at which the FBI has said no children died) and in one of the European False Flags. The Rothschilds bought the Charlie Hebdo building in Paris weeks before the False Flag as a launching pad for the operation, one of whose principal intentions was to force a psyops outcry for a forced patriation of Jews to Israel (possibly as part of a staged psyop to start WWIII)."

"Ole Dammegard - Assassins, Beatles, Bob Marley, Tavistock & Much More. The Beatles, The Holocaust & Other Mass Illusions."
"For tonight’s discussion Ole talks to us about the 1960’s music scene and how many of the influential bands during that era were created and manipulated by the CIA and other shadow organizations like the Tavistock Institute and their involvement with the Beatles. We then discuss the strange world of assassins and serial killers and finish-up with Ole’s perspective on what humanity needs to do in order to unshackle from the matrix."

EDIT: Found one more:
"Questioning The Holocaust - Ole Dammegard - Red Ice Radio"

Brilliant! Thanks for enlightening us!

"Open-minded forum readers might wish to give Ole Dammegard a listen..."

Well your mind is certainly w-i-d-e open.


"As David Chapell wisely commented..."

i may be crazy, but it appears you may have made an error. Do you mean construction manager David Chapell in the UK?
"Construction Manager at Balfour Beatty Regional"

Perhaps tech consultant David Chappell from SF?
"Through his speaking, writing, and consulting, David Chappell helps people around the world understand, use, and make better decisions about new technology."

Possibly the comedian Dave Chappelle? Chappelle DID appear on "Inside the Actor's Studio":
"Dave Chappelle first debuted his comedic talents at the age of fourteen while studying acting and literary media at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Within a year he was invited on stage at the famed Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York."


How does a group 'self police' a march ? If our rulers wish to subvert a peaceful protest , it is quite simple...infiltrate with hired hands to create a disturbance. Thereby gaining public disdain for the rabble-rousers and anarchists. False flags like 911 work in much the same way. Think Reichstag, sinking of the Maine, Gulf of Tonkin 'incident', the FBI has used this tactic for decades.


Thank you Bianca Jagger for all you do, and for allowing us to look over your shoulder, so to speak, and feel connected to some of the real action and live emotional interaction of COP21. Keep doing it if you can. It's very helpful.


i agree, and my series of cites was intended to demonstrate that he's WAY off the wall. A secret conspiracy for the ritual murder of... Whitney Houston? The Beatles a CIA plot? Etc...