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A Statement on the US-Election


A Statement on the US-Election

Julian Assange

In recent months, WikiLeaks and I personally have come under enormous pressure to stop publishing what the Clinton campaign says about itself to itself. That pressure has come from the campaign’s allies, including the Obama administration, and from liberals who are anxious about who will be elected US President.

On the eve of the election, it is important to restate why we have published what we have.


Cheers to Assange and Wikileaks for all their work and for addressing their "liberal" critics here. Whistleblowers are critical to an informed populace in a society where nondisclosure agreements, secrecy oaths, and misguided notions of "national security" dominate.

It's clear that many Democrats would rather settle for the heavily edited tidbits of information provided by CNN, NPR, or internet sources like the Huffington Post than hear objective truth or the honest words of the politicians they support as revealed by whistleblowers and other non-vetted sources. If your worldview is based on information selected for you by the establishment, how can you ever develop a critical view of establishment institutions?

Thirteen years after we illegally invaded Iraq and killed, injured and displaced millions of innocent people, Democrats as much as Republicans act as if it never happened, and as if only 9/11 and ISIS exist. That's not the basis for opposition to war with Russia or Iran, especially not if we take the anti-Russian propaganda from Clinton and her neo-con advisers at face value.


Mr. Assange, at what point are you bluffing (allowed) at the poker table and at what point are you glimpsing your opponents' hands in the mirror behind them? Shall I send you a picture of my underwear drawer for your inspection. You do not get to judge whether or not you have drawn the line in an appropriate place; the PEOPLE do.


May the gods protect Julian from the furies of Clinton.


There will be no "democracy" (I do realize we live in a republic) without an informed public.
Thank you Julian Assange for your dedicated work.


Thank you for your selfless service Julian Assange. May you soon be free!


"Irrespective" is not a word.


Thank you Assange for exposing Hillary and company for the devil worshippers they really are. No wonder she wants to start a war with Russia.



I use it a lot and it seems to be acceptable, but I may be grammatically challenged.


yeah, I guess those 'people' published the Podesta emails... Wait. No they didn't. Wikileaks did.


each of us must decide where to draw the line for her/himself. how can we_the_people draw any valid conclusion lacking full and unadulterated information?


Yes it is; you're probably thinking of "irregardless," which is not an accepted word.


I never heard Irrespective until I worked in Canada during the 80s. They use it in place of regardless. Since then it has always made more sense to me than regardless did.


Actually, Wise Owl, it is not the PEOPLE who determine what we need to hear. It is the 'Deep State' and their minions that saturates us with propaganda pablum. It is people like you who do not want the PEOPLE to be aware of what you do in the shadows.
The 'Wise Owl' stalks its prey in the darkness using its superior vision. In the light of day, the 'Wise Owl' is hidden. In the morning we never knew the Owl was there. You are well named.
I want to know what my government does in my name in the darkness. I realize that the notion of an informed populace and democracy is childish to you. These civic lessons we were taught growing up are dismissed by you and yours. Our childish beliefs in democracy is the clothe you wrap yourself. The Deep State believes it is all wise. You actually have distain for the PEOPLE with their democratic ideas.


"In an era of universal deceit, anybody telling the truth is labeled a radical" - George Orwell


Sadly, this mattered far more to the rest of the world than it did Americans.

The revelations didn't even make a dent in the Democratic rank and file. Instead, it gave them another opportunity to ramp up their Cold War 2.0 agenda.

Republicans used it, but then ruined every truth by putting their "unique spin" on ever revelation. "Bombshell! Hillary is alien!", says Podesta.' The Right should just shut up now and forever when it comes to critiquing the Democrats.

The real tragedy is that it turns out that pervasive propaganda is far more powerful than any truth.

You gave it your best shot, Julian. But the reality is that there is little that can penetrate the Iron Gate of American media. Our information lockdown in this country is near total.


Thank you Julian and Wikileaks, our fourth estate.

Direct Democracy


The revelations given us by Assange is one thing; his interference in the US democratic process is quite another. As a 'liberal' progressive, I say that if Obama were to send a squad of marines into the embassy and apprehend his ass, I'd stomp and cheer. The monster has been at our door with the candidacy of iLL dOUCHE and Assange's actions having benefitted Trump eliminates the support I once had for him. The psychology which swept the german populace in the 1930s is now at play within the caucasian spectrum. Assange has abetted that phenomenon.


Check out my added sentences.


Taking Assange out at this time could weaken the Russian hacking allegations that are part of the strategy to rekindle the cold war with Russia, that will bolster military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) revenue, in turn producing more "campaign contributions" from MIMIC.