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A Storm That Could 'Rewrite History': Irma Hits as Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane Ever Recorded


A Storm That Could 'Rewrite History': Irma Hits as Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane Ever Recorded

Jon Queally, staff writer

Fueled by warm ocean waters and fulfilling some of the most ominous predictions from climate scientists who warned that powerful storms would occur with increasing frequency and intensity, a "ferocious" Hurricane Irma slammed into the islands of Barbuda and Antigua early Wednesday morning as


Let us encourage all island people to get off the islands ASAP.

We’ve already noted that Trump’s Mar A Lago in Florida may be innundated by Irma, but he has another $28M property in the Caribbean, on St. Martin, that is even more at risk:



It’s time for the human race to either wake up or die.To quote a lyric in the song by Bob Dylan, " and it’s a hard rains are gonna fall."


Many thanks to Jon Queally for showing us what honest and responsible reporting on this topic looks like.

Sadly, we won’t see anything like it from the AP wire (which is apparently forbidden to ever make any mention of climate science) nor from the major US papers, who likewise- and conspicuously censor out the same.


When our "die"ing becomes obvious, with consecutively hotter years, and 2 category 4 hurricanes, etc. it may do wonders for awareness. Up to now, it’s always been somebody else’s extinction. “Exceptional people” you know, don’t have to worry!


Unfortunately, Wall Swamp doesn’t look upon this as any sort of disaster. They are already counting the profits from shoddy reconstruction of $150 billions in damages.
*I think their basic thought is, Bring 'em on!” “You break 'em and we’ll sorta fix 'em, if you’ve got the money.” (our taxes)


You know, the bastard may continue to avoid reporting his taxes and financial status, but you can bet teams of lawyers are researching every way he can profit from the damage, at our expense.


I’m sure researchers and reporters will be looking into what Trump does after Hurricane Irma and report it to us. Since both properties are on oceanfronts, we can only hope he is not given permission to rebuild. The US flood loan programs are ridiculous, reimbursing owners of waterfront properties over and over again, sometimes far more in the aggregate than the properties are worth. Of course, I expect him to pull a Chris Christie, and collect when everybody else is forbidden.


Good. I hope his properties get completely destroyed (with no human casualties, that is). Serves him right for pulling out of Paris and destroying environmental regulations at record speed.


Barely a mention of this on NPR, NYTimes or MSNBC. To it’s credit, CNN is carrying it with warnings and photos- but no mention of climate change. What does it take for people to wake up to the devastation that will increasingly come? Do the people profiting from this think they will be safe in gated communities and bunkers? What can they possibly be thinking? Are they really so ignorant they don’t believe this is happening? I’m truly wondering.


The guy is filthy rich, or at least as far as some US banks think he is. He’ll have no problem repairing whatever damage is done to his Mar-a-Lago. I have only odium for the self serving, narcissistic bastard. I may consider myself magnanimous in wishing him a dreadful demise. I wonder which circle of Dante’s Inferno Trump fits best.


It just might be that both trump properties take near or direct hits from Irma…St. Martin - “We know that the four most solid buildings on the island (St Martin) have been destroyed"…latest cone maps show Irma turning up Fla’s east coast directly toward Mar-A-Lago - a location very vulnerable to storm surge, not to mention the winds…a message from Mother Earth?


Apparently, Hurricane Irma passed over St. Martin about four hours ago. This shows what looks like storm surge in a St. Martin hotel:


I don’t approve of violence, but this morning 185 mph Irma is taking dead aim at Mar-A-Lago.


To be precise, this national hurricane center drawing has Irma coming in just barely to the windy side of the eye. You know how in bowling you don’t want to hit the head pin straight up, just a bit to the side. Well, hurricanes are a bit like that.


YES! It’s time to wake up. Most of us have read about Climate Change, and we have had more than a few years to debate whether there is or isn’t Climate Change, meaning this type of change with the worst ever storms. In 2017, how do we even start to deal directly with Cimate Change with Donald Trump in the White House as the number one Climate Change denier. And his whole position seems to be he doesn’t want corporations to put out the money to develop ways to reverse climate change if that can be done. As he does not want anything to compromise corporate profits, even if corporations are to blame for most of the Climate Change, such as a new corporate tax imposed on corporations to address Climate Change.


I just hope it doesn’t pass over south Florida, strengthen, enter the Gulf, and barrel on toward Texas and Louisiana. I have waterfront property in NC, though not on the Atlantic, instead on the inland waterway. I don’t have any livable structures on it, but I would be concerned about destruction of my bulkhead. I’ll keep an eye out, of course, but I sure hope those people on the islands and in Florida have sense enough to evacuate if they can.


It is always so surprising to intelligent observers that so many people seem so adamantly in denial about climate change. How can people not see things for themselves? Are they ‘blind’?

Well in a sense the answer is exactly that! They are blind or rather the bitter truth is that people are purposefully being blinded. How do any of us come to see the world except through the mainstream media’s eyes reporting on it to us. The corporate media tells us about everything that is going on around us. The media is basically our community and our culture because it is the one thing that we all participate in. It tells us about the world.

The media tells us that this many people (%) believe this way on some issue or that a certain segment of people feel this way or that way etc.

If you wonder how it can be that so many people seem to be in denial about climate change even after having experienced these mega storms and heat waves (wildfires) or droughts, just look at the reporting on these events by the media. They talk about the destruction and eventual costs of repairs and so forth but they rarely talk about the science involved. That is the bottleneck that environmentalists face. Their message is not accepted by the media as it should be.

Where is the science? Where is the confirmation of the science that we already know? Denialists say that the Earth’s temperature hasn’t risen appreciably in the last ten years. That is a lie even if a member of congress or the cabinet says so. The corporate media lets the corporate government officials and politicians off the hook time and again. That confuses people and so the denialists maintain their obstinacy in the face of scientific facts because no one calls their bluffs on it.

I almost feel that progressives and all people of good will should begin protesting the offices of the corporate media instead of protesting politicians. It is the media’s willful blindness that perpetuates the denialism among ordinary Americans not the politicians. The media does the convincing and the politicians just ride the wave.

Ask yourselves whether or not most people you know are already aware of climate change? Practically everyone is. Then wait to see if the media goes around asking the citizens of Houston about their feelings about climate change!

Blame the media for the denialism that they spread!


It’s time to start naming these storms after climate science deniers. Hurricane Donald Trump, Hurricane James Inhofe, Hurricane Ann Coulter, etc. Let those who are burying their dead know who really killed their loved ones.


It’s good that you don’t have a house there.

Follow the money. Any insurance company that specializes in flood insurance, including Federal flood insurance, is either going to go bankrupt or charge huge rates now. Any banks that will give anyone an uninsured mortgage on swampland will then go bankrupt or get out of that zone. This means that everybody’s coastline house is almost unsellable starting right about now. Reality has this effect on people.


You couldn’t be more correct. We’ve loaded so much Industrial carbon into the atmosphere that we are seeing the end result. I’m not sure what the exact “lag time” is from carbon release to manifesting itself on the environment. Some people say it’s forty years (that seems a bit too long… but like yourself, I’m no scientist). Others say it’s closer to twenty years. If that’s the case, we’re currently seeing the affects of Anthropogenic heating from 1997 or thereabouts. As you said, what will the Earth System look like twenty years from now when we will be seeing carbon based heating from 2017? All the more reason I believe most complex life forms (including vegetation, trees, etc) will be extinct by mid-century. I am forty nine years old and believe I will see the SHTF in my life time. I do not relish the future either.