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A Storm That Could 'Rewrite History': Irma Hits as Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane Ever Recorded


" It is time for the human race to either wake up or die."

I do not like to be an alarmist, but in my view, millions will have to die from climate devastation due to the fossil fuel industry and human caused climate change before the climate deniers will finally wake up!




"Climate change, - what climate change?"

It should be evident by now, that climate change will not come gently lapping against our shores with slowly rising water levels, to be contained with levies.

Instead it will come crashing at us with unconstrained fury, completely upending the landscapes and environments, as we know them, across all continents.
What will the planet look like, once the process has run its course? - Who knows?
For sure it won’t be a tranquil place in which warmer climes simply move closer toward the poles.


Wait for it, this year or next year or the year after:

“Who could have ever predicted that a powerful hurricane would disable a nuclear power plant leading to a meltdown?”

So many grand fools, with so much power…


I fear that NPR is firmly in the pockets of the Koch brothers…there is other evidence that they are sliding in that direction.



I was attempting to come up with a figure, too, but had listed only Georgia and SC so far. Thanks. I think. That news could be better.


Those you mention are too intoxicated by White House palace intrigue, the pissing match with North Korea, and looking for ways to blame everything on Russia and/or Iran, to even notice Irma! They have lost touch with reality, and cannot seem to see the forest for the trees.


I know. What a shame! They used to be so good! I noticed NPR start changing (probably to save themselves) when Newt and his band of merry men declared war on them in the mid-nineties.

Looks as though Mother Nature is targeting the U.S. with these recent monster storms. Climate change denier payback, maybe?


As for the DJT property on St. Maarten, it was sold for million$$$ to a Russian kleptocrat a few years back after being for sale for a long time considering its location. (Yet another money-laundering scheme crafted and carried out by the Trump trash tribe.) Reason it did not sell was its over-the-top ostentatious interior rife with gold embellishments and garish interior design that would appeal to very few potential buyers. DJT will pay the piper and suffer the consequences of his malfeasance, cruelty, and unbridled greed.


A rich financial investor that I know said, “I’ll believe in Climate Change when everyone starts selling their ocean front homes.” Well…there may not be a home left to sale by the time all this is over.


Trump claims that climate change is a Chinese hoax, yet he had a higher sea wall built around his property in Scotland because of raising sea levels.
Same thing with the oil companies, they also claim climate change is a joke, yet their oil drilling platforms are being built higher out of the water because of rising sea levels.
These people will not learn until it costs them billions, even then they will blame it on something else.


Only a segment of humanity has done this, those most notably not doing this are the indigenes of Mother Earth.


If Irma hits Mara-Lago, one could say it literally an act of God!
Tell that to your evangelical following Mr. Trump!!!
Incidentally, I don’t believe insurance covers any of this…


And there may not be many buyers willing to take the risks.


You can buy hurricane insurance but it is probably expensive: Here are the rules.


Thanks, Fern. That’s good information. Fortunately, I don’t need hurricane insurance, but I know people who really should have it if they don’t.


There is a monumental hurricane, and there “is a pretty good chance that catastrophic winds are coming to one of the wealthiest, most well-developed coastlines of the country, stretching from Miami to West Palm Beach.”

I would this be so rather than a hurricane of this unprecedented magnitude devastating poor and middle-class people - I did not create it, ignorance and arrogance did.
The trump estate on St martin received a direct hit, as will his International, and Doral golf courses, and Mar-A-Lago estate, according to the latest and most accurate models.

Karma? A personal lesson for trump and his climate-denier cronies? We will soon see…


I couldn’t think of a worse president to have in office but the arrogant climate denier himself, Donald Trump. Accepting that there is global warming, climate change by fact of human pollution and chemicals going into the environment is something Trump can’t do. That would be bad for business therefore conveniently there is no climate change at all according to Trump bombast. I remember President Nixon getting impeached out of office and Trump is far worse than Nixon.


Think of Earth and her atmosphere as a big sleeping bear. Now picture the silly puny humans have been poking her with many sharp pointed sticks; she’s now waking up!!!


May Mar-a-Lago be washed away with the storm. I just don’t want to see innocent people die, otherwise all bets are off.