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A Story of Two Blockades


A Story of Two Blockades

Brian Terrell

New York City and Yemen

The blockade of Yemen is an atrocious crime of the highest category, a violation of the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international pacts.


Forget the majority of citizens, I question how many congress critters have a significant understanding of what is happening in/to Yemen. The term “national interests” causes empire in far too many corners of the world.


The movement against the war in Yemen should identify and publicize the corporations and the weapons systems funded by Trump’s $150 billion bribe to the Saudis. We need to identify and target and blockade those American corporations with the avowed purpose of not allowing those weapons to be produced. If they are produced, we must blockade the factories so that they do not leave the factory. If shipped, they must not be allowed to be loaded at the docks to be shipped to the theatre of war. Trump, the Israelis and the war hawks need to be targeted on the political stage. The corporations can and must be targeted in a much more visible and physical way on the ground. This is how to keep the issue and the movement on the front page and in the daily news. If we do not learn anything else from these times, it should be that publicity is an absolute requirement for the growth of movements. Like the Civil Rights Movement, this is a war that will require lots of “boots on the ground”.


What is the situation in congress on sequester? I am hearing democrats are going to raise the sequester on the military. People need to demand the military budget be cut in half.

I would protest the major news networks for not reporting what US missiles are doing. Last night on NBC evening news Andrea Mitchel reported on Nikki Haley joke performance about two missiles being fired out of Yemen but never mentioned the context of why these missiles were fired. I will bet 80% of Americans have no idea of US involvement in Yemen.

Thank you for what you are doing.


Brian Terrell has done an excellent job of putting us face-to- face with the situation in Yemen and the US abominable role. I would hope that a certain group of 535 public employees in DC would read it, and act. H Con Res #81 still lives. It would mandate an end to US military involvement in Yemen.


I fail to see any “national interest” involved in our complicity in this horrific genocide. I don’t believe that anyone could give us a rational reason to justify this. Our once mostly decent country has gone crazy with its addiction to war, militarism and weapons sales. We need an


I agree with you in principle. But if the actions that you propose were taken, they would be met by a perfect deluge of pepper spray, tasers, rubber bullets and possibly much worse. The participants would certainly be mercilessly prosecuted and receive harsh sentences. In the end, nothing would change. I am just being real.


I’d start Warmongers Anonymous, but am woefully unqualified.


I would not disagree. That is exactly how we bring the violence being perpetrated ‘over there’ back into the perpetrators own house, make it very real and most uncomfortable. It was only after TV coverage of the firehoses, attack dogs, and beatings that the outcome of the Civil Rights Movement became inevitable.