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'A Strong Step Forward': Following House Passage, Civil Rights Advocates Urge Senate to Pass Democrats' Justice in Policing Act

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/26/strong-step-forward-following-house-passage-civil-rights-advocates-urge-senate-pass

I can not support this bill as written, and agree with “Bend the Arc” organization. Without the complete elimination of qualified immunity and military weapons, this bill must be rewritten to include those important points. Some will say, as the article brings out, this is a first step, I would remind everyone the ACA was also sold to the voters as a first step, we’re still waiting for that second step to take place with that issue.
The current dems are the worst negotiators ever. Even if passed in the House, it still has to be approved in the gop controlled Senate, where they will try to remove as much as possible, per their joke of a bill on this subject a few days ago. The rule of negotiating is always start off asking for much more than you really want, then settle for what you really are trying to achieve.
Are dems really this bad at negotiating, or are they trying to placate everyone, to stop the current momentum we have with protesting?

I agree, it’s a little too much knee jerk even though the problem is age old.

But it’s alright to get republicans on record anytime there is a bill.
What’s in the bill hardly matters. If it is good for the 99% it isn’t going anywhere.

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