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A Summer Survival Guide for the Trump Era


A Summer Survival Guide for the Trump Era

Robert Reich

Here’s a summer survival guide, 10 ways to relax during the era of Trump.

1. Take a day off from the news, one day a week.

2. Don’t get into an argument with a Trump supporter, especially if it’s a member of your family. Remember, there are more independents and non-voters than Trump Republicans. And the 2018 midterm election will be won on the basis of turnout.


What a bunch of fluff! This is supposed to pass as serious journalism? Give me Chris Hedges any day of the week over this centrist.


Ingest Peyote and vape that swag! The only way for summer survival with The Peach Prick in office.
Onward through the political fog…:maple_leaf:


Reich should have eliminated nine of his recommendations and just focused on item 6 join an Indivisible group, which may have got lost in his list. Certainly for anyone who has a Republican senator and/or representative this is excellent advice. Our best hope is the Republicans distance themselves from Trump and start acting like Americans, not like some rubber stamp legislators in an autocratic state. And even if you are not represented by a Republican in Congress such as myself it still a good idea to join an Indivisible group to let your Democratic senators and representatives know that you want them to keep resisting and not let up.


“Watch [out for] the pigs” indeed! Especially of you and your kids are black, latinx or middle-eastern!


“WAG THE DOG” should be mandatory viewing in all middle school and high school civics classes…no student allowed to graduate from either without having seen it and passed an exam on its content… No Murkin adult should ever enter summer without having seen it.


Anything but using whatever influence you have to actually rid our country of this sociopath.
Got it.


Cadet: Absolutely.


Jayne: I’ve heard our system described as “one party with two right wings.”