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A Summer Tale of a Very Big Bank


A Summer Tale of a Very Big Bank

Christopher Brauchli

It is interesting to contemplate an entangled bank . . .and to reflect that these elaborately constructed forms, so different from each other. . .and dependent on each other in so complex a manner, have all been produced by laws acting around us.
— (With apologies to) Charles Darwin, On the Origin of the Species


Bring back Glass-Steagall, at the least, make them "admit" what they've done and lock the criminals up for a while. People steal bread and end up in the clinker. Steal millions and keep your 1% job. Upside-down world.


A very big part of this is what has become of our "Legal System", where perjury has become fashionably acceptable and no one goes to prison for deliberately lying in A court of law- The "Rule of Law" has been eroded into non existence, and this predicament encourages graft and corruption in this broken system...Any one with the means, power and money can steal from the poor and/or literally commit murder and get away, scott free-
I truly believe that dishonest Judges, who are A very big part of this problem, need to be imprisoned or even hanged for not doing the job they were entrusted with, and that job is to uphold the LAW....Otherwise, just about everything is up for grabs-


The house always wins.


Or some hungry and disturbed Black kid steals $5.00 worth of junk food from A quick-rip convenience store and shortly after dies in Jail-


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If s/he makes it to jail in the first place.

They don't have to actually steal stuff either, just be thought to have been a thief.


....and mean while, the rest of us are out here, workin' our butts off and feeling really crappy because we cannot really, provide for our kids the way we need to. Having to scrimp on groceries, like, half or so of what you should be getting, running out of food days before pay day. Oh, there may be some kind of food, but, kids get tired of the same thing, spaghetti, peanut butter or having to eat cereal for dinner again. This is when you know they are comparing your kitchen cupboards with those of their friends, who seem to have endless money for endless things. WE both work, but still cannot seem to have enough money for emergencies, like car repair or something a child needs, or definitely not for co pays for any kind of medical treatment. Even needing to go to get physical therapy or to a chiropractor is something out of reach.


I last moved twenty years ago. Purposely sought out a local bank and established an account. That bank got eaten. The eater got eaten. Most every local option to which I could have run has faced the same fate. I think I'll name my bank "Preying Mantis" so as to serve truth in advertising.


From wiki on ENTROPY. Terminologies and words make it interesting reading (emphasis added):

"According to the second law of thermodynamics the entropy of an isolated system never decreases; such a system will spontaneously proceed towards thermodynamic equilibrium, the configuration with maximum entropy.

Systems that are not isolated may decrease in entropy, provided they increase the entropy of their environment by at least that same amount.

Since entropy is a state function, the change in the entropy of a system is the same for any process that goes from a given initial state to a given final state, whether the process is reversible or irreversible. However, irreversible processes increase the combined entropy of the system and its environment."


If an entire infrastructure has developed around seizing things purchased with "drug money," it's HIGH TIME that 90% of all that ill-begotten wealth (from Wall St's Big Number) be recirculated into society starting with building shelters for all the refugees of war and climate change. IF the money engineered through the bailouts to the tops of the fiduciary "food chains" redistribute, all of the companies complaining about no growth and no sales will see a remedy. And while focus on a goods-based consumer society as measure of growth is dangerous to the world's already strained, finite ecosystems, it still makes sense to give people back the money they need to pay their rent and put food on the table. The Crisis-mentality is what allows the Shock Doctrine crooks, cons, and enablers to push their agendas at great expense to most sentient life.

BTW: Terrific satire, Mr. Brauchli. Love the part about all that Citi did NOT admit to!


PLENTY go to prison... excluded are those who can purchase the best justice that money can buy.

How many poor slobs plead guilty to things they never did knowing they can't afford an attorney and may not be able to beat "the system" in a trial? It's not as if planted evidence or police lying to protect each other's asses is anything new.


They will not admit because it would become a crime and they would not be allowed to write off approximately 1/3 of the fine on their taxes as they can with settlements without findings of quilt.


Like Dylan sang: Still a little, they throw you in jail. Steal a lot they make you king.


You cherry picked A sentence from my post and are somehow confusing coaxed and coerced testimony/coerced confession with otherwise deliberate perjury- I suppose if it is lying under oath it is still considered perjury but in A whole different sense of what I am speaking about-
I'm talking about deliberately lying under oath to deny evidence to someone who has been wronged-
When A Judge sits there and has documented facts that support your case and the other side lies about what went on and the Judge knows it to be A lie, but lets them get away with it (lets them commit perjury) it goes against the rule of Law and the Judge is every bit as much A liar as the people lying- This is common place when one goes up against big Corporations as Whistleblowers-