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A Supreme Court Case Could Make Partisan Gerrymandering Illegal


A Supreme Court Case Could Make Partisan Gerrymandering Illegal

Chief Justice of the United States John G. Roberts (right) and US Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy (left) in an official photo in 2017. (Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)
David Daley

Justice Anthony Kennedy could provide the deciding vote in Gill v. Whitford, an upcoming case that looks at gerrymandering in Wisconsin. Oral arguments begin Tuesday.


“one of the nation’s leading redistricting experts”

Just let that sink in that such a person exists at all, eh.


This issue really bothers me. I am a progressive in a blue state that is gerrymandered for the Democrats. I would still like to see the SCOTUS do the right thing and let the voters pick the candidates, rather than the candidates pick the voters. Nationally, progressives get more votes than the Republicans, yet the GOP wins elections way out of proportion of the votes, due to gerrymandering.
That being said, there is no way this right-wing court will do something that is good for the people and the country. I am not getting my hopes up.


Don’t hear Dems talking much about this, do you?

I guess they just can’t figure a way to blame the Russians for it.


First gerrymandering and then the world (term limits)! I wonder if democracy could actually work? We should try it!