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A Surveillance Wall Is Not a Good Alternative to a Concrete Wall

A Surveillance Wall Is Not a Good Alternative to a Concrete Wall

India McKinney

Since even before he took office, President Trump has called for a physical wall along the southern border of the United States.

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As to the headline, “A Surveillance Wall Is Not a Good Alternative to a Concrete Wall”, it sort of suggests that a concrete wall is somehow desired, which thankfully is not supported in the article. I hope that CD might reformulate the headline to better represent the article’s message.

Moving on to the Surveillance State that is ever evolving, I remain a pessimist toward most efforts to resist such. Power always seeks to use every tool at its disposal. I wholeheartedly treasure my anonymity and would truly find fame to be suffocating. Even absent fame, I am increasingly suffocated by technology as my cell phone, car, web browser along with ubiquitous cameras spanning the public and private venues that I frequent keep tabs on my activity. Like any rational person I find such tracking abhorrent. Yet, as a realist I know that the genie is not going back into the bottle as Power wants more supervision of the masses and profits can be made sating this thirst. Many dystopian novels inform us of how technology and human nature conspire against freedom. In fact, freedom has just about retreated to our minds (for those resistant to social/commercial programming) and so I claim a cerebral sovereignty (for now) and not much more. Ignorance is said to be bliss. Many days I wish I had more of it.


It seems only one of the methods resisted in the article, drones, could in any way be offered as alternatives to a concrete wall. Since we don’t yet have a proposal to support or oppose, it seems a bit silly to put our energies into thinking up what we might oppose and why.

Any wall of any kind is nothing more than a ploy to divert people’s attention from the real problems caused by the USA that makes these people want to leave their countries. That point does not get made enough and neither the Ds or the Rs are willing to acknowledge it. A real solution would be to cease the USA’s practices that is directly causing people to want to leave their countries. But if the USA were to do that, americans would have to pay higher prices for bananas. Oh the horrors…


HI Mossonarock; Yes you are correct. That is the real answer, because as soon as the Trump/Pence Bolton Pompeo army of idiots begins bombing the citizens of Venezuela, then they will, of course, be heading this way.

But then , what with climate change and the ocean warming, and weather either heating up the land and drying up the water, OR turning people into living snow cones----something has to give. You alway hope that the thing to give up will be war.

HI Wise Owl.I sometimes this that people who are using facebook compromise everything in their lives. I never joined and those on it should quit. Mr. Fuckerberg is fucking over America and Americans. Has anyone yet asked the Supreme Court the meaning of the 4th amendment? I wonder if they are already owned by the ever invisible powers that run America----into the ground?

Applause for the perceptive piece. Let’s not ramp up the police state for this or any other excuse.

The problem with “the wall” was never the architecture.


I take solace in the fact that I am very unimportant, no wealth or fame so why would I be a threat to Power? I remember this as I cross into a different territory and have any encounter with those in authority who wear uniforms.

I disagree with your words and think that it is useful to be aware of any perceived or possible threats to our personal sovereignty. Nor do I wish to be consumed by paranoia. I just want to be aware and informed.

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