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A Swelling Tide of Major Teacher Strikes Is Shifting Our Politics Against the Charter Agenda

A Swelling Tide of Major Teacher Strikes Is Shifting Our Politics Against the Charter Agenda

Jeff Bryant

This week, Republican lawmakers held a press conference on Capitol Hill to kick off National School Choice Week, an annual event that began in 2011 under President Obama who

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I think it behooves the voting public to understand this when it comes to a given Government implementing a given policy.

The vast majority of Policy is constructed around the meme that the 1 percent can and will make money off of it. If there no money to be made off it then it deemed unsound.

Every time new legislation introduced , from health care to the school system , from how the results of elections tabulated to what nations the state will war against next , ask yourself “who will profit off this?” and understand that THOSE are the people behind it.

The one percent ARE the one percent because Profits and money are all that motivates them and the only thing they care about.


Trump, Pence and whole administration and congressional republicans need to be locked up. They are corrupt money hungry scophants.

" When charter schools pull funding from a public school, it damages the school’s ability to educate the students who remain " EXACTLY so!

Andy “fine-print” Cuomo refuses to fully fund public education in NY and by that failure, actually supports the for-profit Charter-School scam. Underfunded Public schools create demand for charter schools by sabotaging Public Ed! Cuomo is politically invested in charter school profiteers as crony’s … that sector of privatization and private profits from what should be public efforts and/or projects that should be OF, BY and FOR the public, NOT private profits above all else. Cuomo disbanded his own “anti-corruption” Moreland Commission, as they apparently got too close to his crony friends, and potentially Cuomo himself. He showed what he is made of and who he really serves, and it is not the 99% public! Never trust that political fraud who will never really do the right thing unless forced to, and even then will add caveats that screw the public one way or another! Property tax reform and funding Public Ed by income rather than on our homes via the Equity in Education Act is only one such betrayal among many by the vindictive self-serving Cuomo!

Goodbye Betsy.

Where “The Blue Wave” ™ becomes a stagnant puddle

I despise Trump, but what SDP brings up and charter schools started long before Trump.

The American people did not suddenly favor privatizing their public education!

Stop going against the wishes of the American people! That means Obama and Arne Duncan too.

TrumpUniversity pad $25million in fines and he appointed Betsy Devos who put charters on steroids. Yes, there are corrupt dems for charter schools also. Let’s get of those dems.