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A Tale of Two Druglords

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/21/tale-two-druglords

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The War On Drugs is a failure. Human beings will use substances - period. Some of them will act stupidly and die. WE CAN’T PREVENT HUMAN STUPIDITY. However, the illegality of drugs is what causes preventable deaths and the jail sentences of users ruin the lives of the user and their loved ones.

Chapo SHOULD be in jail for his murders; these murders were committed in part, because of the fact that drugs must be sold in the black market.


Hummm, sure legal drug pushers are bad, but Chapo had to forfeit 12 billion dollars. These are controlled substances by a far wider definition, not just pushers (complex group) and users (another complex group)

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It has never been a “War on Drugs.” It is, has been, and always will be, a "War on People."

Drugs provide income opportunities to those with wealth.

Healthcare, Law Firms, Prison Systems.

All War is on the people.

For profit, to the few who invest in such things.

And now, a song to cool things down.


They forgot to mention probably the largest drug company in the US, with it’s last two CEOs, George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama!


My standard line, don’t you wish there was a pill for that.

An apt comparison by Sam Pizzigatti, between El Chapo and the now retired head of McKesson. The family behind Purdue Pharma should also have been included.

El Chapo would never have been a figure, would never have succeeded, without the legislation that created the drug black market, and we keep that poor legislation in force year after year, knowing the harm it causes. Even Nobel Laureate writers have detailed the harm caused by prohibition.

McKesson and Purdue operate entirely within a “legal” system, delivering their poisons right in front of God and Everybody.


Where’s this “tale”? The biggest and most corrupt drug lord on the planet is the CIA - funded by your tax dollars.


That explains why legalization will never happen.

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With US soldiers guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan.