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A Tale of Two Teens: When White Killers Are Treated Better Than Black Victims

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/31/tale-two-teens-when-white-killers-are-treated-better-black-victims


Barack Obama would hold a beer summit, inviting Kyle Rittenhouse and the family members of the people he murdered and tried to murder. Kyle would, of course, get root beer.


The missed opportunities represented by the Obama/Biden Administration could not have happened by accident. People notice that shit. And then you get a President Trump.


Even if a black kid tried to run away from the cops or an armed white person, he’d end up being shot in the back. Just like Indigenous peoples were and are. There’s no way out except for the entire system going down and replaced by the culture we want it to be. The Phoenix rises from the ashes(the third octave of the Snake, Eagle, Phoenix triad in Jungian psychology describing Scorpio)


I’m afraid the metaphorical phoenix will not be able to rise from the ashes of the USA. It will be a scorched earth scenario as the USA collapses to its death and takes the world with it.


Total garbage and nonsense. You are seriously blaming Trump on Obama/Biden? Blame the far right wingers, the whole right wing media complex: Fox news, Sinclair Media, hate wing talk radio, etc. Blame the GOP which has morphed into a far right wing libertarian cult. Of course the Democrats have faults and have become too centrist and corporate leaning but the GOP has gone off the rails and into fascist la la land as evidenced by Trump. As disappointing as Obama was in some areas, he at least appointed two liberals to the SCOTUS, better than Gorsuch and Kavanaugh by miles. Now Trump is loading the courts with far right wingers who will be there for decades.


Blame Trump for being Trump?
For putting Nixon’s Southern Strategy on “repeat” like the entire Republican Party has since forever?
I should blame them for constantly exposing and scratching the underbelly of my racist nation?
Now what good is that going to do? They’re doing us all a favor by shining sunlight on their hatred.

Instead, I’ll heap blame the guy on whose watch BLM was conceived back in 2014.

But who did nothing to address BLM’s grievances – cops have killed the same average number of black and brown men per year during the Obama and Trump Administrations. As for protesters, Obama showed his hand when he crushed OWS AFTER appropriating their term, the “99%.”

I’ll heap blame on the cowardly guy who said that the cop who arrested Dr Henry Louis Gates, Jr in his own home when a neighbor called about him breaking in because he didn’t have his key – a cop who arrested Gates even after Gates presented his ID – had acted “stupidly,” but who then backpedaled on his remarks when police unions attacked him. He invited the stupid cop over for beers – encouraging the police unions to bully him all the more, which they did.

And I’ll heap blame on the guy who continued the practices of his predecessor – militarizing the po-po with surplus weaponry of war, coming out in favor of the drug war and against legalizing weed, blaming black people themselves, and picking a VP who had been instrumental in growing the phenomena of the mass incarceration of black people – a certain Joe Biden, who Obama picked as a safe sop to white voters.

But…But…Obama was better than Trump, right? Yeah, so much better that when it came time vote in 2016, lots of black folks asked themselves, why bother? Speaking of which, how’s 2020 shaping up with Biden and his partner in mass incarceration, Kopmala Harris, heading up the d-party ticket?

You know why the GOP has been free to morph into a far right wing libertarian cult? Because they’re now running against a center right Repub Lite version of their former selves. I predict that the next Democratic candidate after the failure of Biden/Harris will be a Republican. Because your party credits every win they have with how far right they moved, and every loss by noting how they didn’t move far enough to the right. As such I didn’t leave your party, it left me and kicked me in the balls on the way out…While asking for one more donation.


OK, I get it, you’re a right wing troll pretending to be a progressive. Ninety percent of your criticism is for Obama, Biden and Harris who are not in power. Very little to say about the current president and vice president, all the heat is for Democrats. Why you’re making such a fuss about that whole Henry Louis Gates affair is just silly. I have serious disagreements with Obama but he handled the Gates affair very nicely. Some of the police unions are backing Trump, I’m sure you are thrilled and happy about that. I’m sure you will vote for Trump since you hate Democrats so much. I will vote for Biden/Harris, as advised by Cornel West, Bernie, Noam Chomsky, Thomas Frank, etc. As Cornel West said, he’s not recommending Biden but he’s voting for him because a neoliberal is far better than an outright fascist.

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And you’re just plain obtuse.
And you’re in good company holding your nose to once again vote LOTE. That’s nice.
Just be sure to ignore the way you’ve been tacitly endorsing and enabling the country’s move rightward.
Not that I need to remind you, you seem to have that down pat.

You didn’t see Cornell West’s speech yesterday, did you?
Seems he’s open to changing his mind on voting for Biden.

Whatever. Some of us have the courage to think for ourselves, the imagination to consult out own consciences – as Dr. West advises – and the ability to sleep better at night knowing that we refused to accept the status quo. I’ll end with a 2016 quote from Bernie:

“…we are not a movement where I can snap my fingers and say to you or to anybody else what you should do, because you won’t listen to me. You shouldn’t. Uh, you’ll make these decisions yourself.”


joe blame the system. the corporate democrates are not going to support main street because they just like the republicans are beholden to wall street. but in this election hold your nose and vote Biden/Harris and then we the people with the support of all the young multi ethnic reps who are beating entrenched old democrates and congress people like AOC and the squad can make the corporate dems work for us the people. the election is the first step, the struggle continues from day one of a democratic victory.

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Let me shorten that for you: vote LOTE again, this time it’ll be different.

I’ll shorten my answer: No.


Trying to correct fat fingers…sorry

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Sorry Skeptic Tank, my reply was supposed to go to Joe, not you.


Not total garbage the Obama administration normalized the crap that W Bush started…and then made it worse. It just didn’t happen here he normalized mowing down people of color with drones overseas including using “profiles” to launch and murdering US citizens without due process. The Democrats have followed the Republicans in lockstep to the right.
As far as your SCOTUS worries. Biden is pro-life and don’t forget how he sheparded HW Bush appointment Clarence Thomas through the confirmation hearing. He put Anita Hill through ghastly questioning then refused to allow testimony from other women who wanted to tell their sexual harassment stories about Thomas. If you think Kagan and Sotomayor are ‘liberals’…explain this:



The white is always washed


If Blake had been white and Rittenhouse black, what a different tale would be told. The cop that shot white Blake would be in jail and black Rittenhouse would be dead.


I like when the d-party apologentsia twists themselves in knots with this argument:

“We don’t support Biden, he’s awful – we don’t expect you to support him either. We’re just telling you that we’re going to hold our noses and vote for him, and you should too.”

PS – “We know the d-party has at best an incoherent message. But our message to you makes a lot more sense.”


just a nation of racists displaying their racism for all to see–according to the polls at least 1/2 of Americans are in that category

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as if that strategy has ever worked–trying to influence the oligarchs is an exercise in magical thinking–just to note EVERY attempt to reform the Democratic party has met in failure since the Democrats sold out to the corporations under Clinton–it is time for the progressives to quit supporting the purveyors of our dystopia and leave the Dems to form a party that actually represents the interests of the people–as the votes taken by the so called progressives mentioned has shown conclusively how little time it took (less than a year) for them to be co-opted by the corporatist’s agenda that is the backbone of BOTH corporate parties–there is not now nor has there been for many decades a place for progressives in the Democratic party–want proof --open your eyes and see the Republicans who were showcased and the progressives who were not at that pathetic excuse for a convention


as if the actions of that war monger who spread an illegal war --promoted by lies-- to 5 more countries-leaving failed states and slave markets in his wake–who’s economic policies eviscerated the wealth of our minority population-put over 5 million people out of their homes while giving the criminals who’s policies caused the crash Trillions of tax dollars- that the party of Obama and Biden when they had a majority in both houses and the White House did NOT raise the minimum wage to a living wage-did Not get rid of the prescription drug overpricing-did Not get rid of the burden placed on the USPS in an effort to supplant it with a for profit corporation–pushed for the planet destroying environmental policies that spread fracking and increased our exposure to climate change instead of working hard to promote the alternatives–what did they do??they gave us a right wing think tank(Heritage Foundation) produced profit protection plan for the health care industries that left most of us unable to afford the deductibles and co-pays-and left millions exposed without health care–please wake up


How’d that work out the last time? The dem corporation is not reform-able.