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A Teenage War Resister in Israel


A Teenage War Resister in Israel

Rory Fanning

Hilel Garmi’s phone is going straight to voicemail and all I’m hoping is that he’s not back in prison. I’ll soon learn that he is.

Prison 6 is a military prison. It’s situated in the Israeli coastal town of Atlit, a short walk from the Mediterranean Sea and less than an hour’s drive from Hilel’s home. It was constructed in 1957 following the Sinai War between Israel and Egypt to house disciplinary cases from the Israeli Defense Forces, or IDF.



A peaceful response to those who thrust a gun in one’s back to drive one into battle sure confounds TPTB. My thoughts are with you Hilel. My prayers I’ll scribe onto coarse sandpaper and rather than inserting into the wailing wall, I’ll shove up Bibi’s butt with a twist. No peace price for me.



" The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac), which has generally given unflinching support to the Israeli leader during his 13 years in power, called the Jewish Power party “racist and reprehensible”. "

Even the pro-Israel at any cost lobby has issues (albeit minor) with the right-wing war-criminal nutty-yahoo, the “great ally” of the trump regime, and his supremacist mob!

" Netanyahu helped orchestrate the merger last week of Jewish Power with another ultranationalist ally, Jewish Home, that would give him a better chance of forming a majority government in an election on 9 April. "

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Fun fact: Contractors in the US are now legally required to recite an oath of loyalty to Israel in a majority of states. Refusal will result in immediate termination.
(That is termination as in job loss, but hey we are still in the adjustment phase)



As I was reading, I was terrified this brave young man’s light would be snuffed out by the evil IDF. Alas, a happy ending to a political rebel’s story. In the world we live in today, those who speak truth to power pay a deadly price. Thank you Rory for your courage, compassion and for writing this piece!!! I am a 60 something Bubby, mature Hippie and Peace activist. I spent my Saturday at a Peace rally to protest our unbridled hypocrisy at yet another war for democracy, this time in Venezuela. It was sponsored by Veterans for Peace, but nearly all of the folks there were college age. My heart is less heavy after reading this, blessings and Peace Rory and Hilel!!!

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HI TexasBuddy: I was wondering about the spelling of the boy’s name… Hilel—as the ancient Jewish sage was Hillel…1 more L than Hilel.
I like the story where Hillel was told to explain the meaning of the Torah while standing on one foot. His answer: was pretty much------" do unto others, " as everything else was just commentary. Hillel is a very interesting guy to read about----and he seems so distant in thought from the people running Israel today. I’m glad this Hilel was released. : )



Refreshing to see an Israeli citizen refuse to participate in their governments apartheid against the Palestine people. Hope his actions are contagious and long lasting.