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"A Terrible and Costly Stunt": Trump's Delayed Signing of Relief Bill Could Cost Millions a Week of Unemployment Aid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/28/terrible-and-costly-stunt-trumps-delayed-signing-relief-bill-could-cost-millions

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An already inadequate relief bill delayed because our president acts like a two year old.


Not just Trump’s doing. If the politicos had done the right thing by their people and increased the aid to $2,000, it would have sailed through. But that would have been ‘courageous’.


Just what I figured would happen. Trump would pout and grandstand. His party would get to admonish him publicly, helping them build street cred with their electorate. And of course Nancy and the Dems would be slow to react and get nothing in return.
This is a a big win for Trump and the GOP. In the end they got everything they wanted. Only 400 billion in new money for the “relief” package. They kicked the eviction and unemployment can down the road just far enough that it’s now Biden’s problem. They got even more tax breaks for big businesses and billionaires. And only $300 in extra unemployment benefits.
Mitch played the Dems like a fiddle again. The losers of course now being America’s long term unemployed and small business owners, who will now be out of work and out on the street in March instead of January.
With friends like Nancy and Joe and Chuck, who needs the GOP to hate?


sad than pelosi didn’t accept the earlier offer from drump that was almost 2x in size … pathetic democrats


The whole bill was already a stunt put on by Congress and lobbyists to sneak in 5500 pages of pork and other pet legislation, the ramifications of which are not yet fully known or understood.


We, the people, are just pawns in the Winner-Take-All politics of the US. The public, easily duped and manipulated by hate and resentment, will readily cannibalize and participate against it’s own self-interest when frightened, which is so easily induced. What other country spends itself into homelessness, infrastructure decline, and worldwide distrust, to build ever increasing military might to defeat “enemies” who would never dare attack our homeland, were we not inflicting death upon them. We are our own worst enemies and suffer the consequences of greed and avarice due to our willingness to accept it and lack of resolve to fight it in the streets. We did not get here overnight.


Yes, of course.

They teamed up against us, a long time ago.
Only an idiot wouldn’t realize that.


A little more insight here:


(Albeit published a few days ago.)

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This ‘Terrible and Costly Stunt’ has been brought to you by Donald who, no doubt, is very proud of it. One more fine example of Donald’s immature evil intentions as he willfully causes disaster for our USA citizens.


But don’t worry. We’ll probably never find out all they packed into this or where the money goes. That’s the beauty of shock-doctrine policy-making. The money is long gone before we-the-people have a clue. I can almost imagine that there’s some money in there for Paul Manafort to, you know, help him get back on his feet.


I understand the preverbal “we,” but it is not we, it is a small sector of the U.S. population, the preverbal “1%” that WE the majority, can not seem to control in our preverbal “democracy.” Ever wonder why that is? The answer is that capitalist democracy is a scam, a cloak to hid the ugly truth that we are ruled by a fucking capitalist dictatorship. Happy New Years!


“Stunt?” I doubt someone slated to receive $600 would feel this way if they received $2,000 instead. This is the neobib MSM: CNN, MSNBC, et al.

The reality is, Trump just forced the Rs hand. If they don’t approve the $2k payment it could cause them damage in the GA runoffs. And any way you cut it, the democrats are left holding an empty bucket. They wouldn’t sign on for $1,200 in October, so why would they care to approve $2k. (because Trump made it public and is pushing it– Pelosi to the right of Trump, who knew?)


It is important that you identify who “they” are. Until everyone understands who “they” are we can never overcome “them” in a peaceful political struggle. That will only leave other options and that won’t be pretty.

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‘With friends like Nancy and Joe and Chuck, who needs the GOP to hate?’’
True, but the point is that “they” are friends. The top levels of the D’s and the R’s are friends. They mostly agree with each other, and their differences are small compared to their common interest. They pretend to disagree as much as possible in order to maintain an illusion of a two party system, the very minimal required to calm to be a “democracy.” But, if both “PARTIES” agree on the big things, what kind of fucking democracy is that"


Right on!

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It should be remembered that when Nancy did that, it was a political calculation - she didn’t want to give Trump a ‘win’ prior to the election.

In other words, she used us all as pawns and ‘to hell with the consequences’ for the average American. She didn’t care what happened either.


Sure $2k is better than $600. $600 will put food on the table for a short period but does nothing else. It solves nothing. It just kicks the can down the road. But $2k is still a stunt made of crumbs, a slap in the face. And we’re supposed to fall to our knees, be grateful and the STFU. “Golly look what they did for us - yeah”


Stimulus packages around the world:

  • UK: 80% of workers’ salaries
  • Denmark: 75% of workers’ salaries
  • S Korea: 70% of workers’ salaries
  • Netherlands: 90% of workers’ salaries
  • Canada: $2k per month
  • Australia: $1k per month
  • US: One time $1200 check that may take months to arrive

That’s pretty amazing. Add in universal health care to boot, and it’s unreal considering the sink or swim attitude in the US.


A lot of these issues are controlled by trade deals most of us dont know about. .oǫɒ ƨɿɒɘy bɘnǫiƨ ɘw ƨɘɔivɿɘƨ no ɘno yllɒiɔɘqƨƎ