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'A Terrible Decision': Progressives Denounce Biden Pick of 'Mr. Monsanto' Tom Vilsack as Ag Secretary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/09/terrible-decision-progressives-denounce-biden-pick-mr-monsanto-tom-vilsack-ag


Let them eat Golden Rice, Stacked-traits Soya, Bt Maize & Glyphosate dessicated: oats, wheat, barley, rice, legumes…


~https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2020/12/medicare-blues.html (I’d thought Yves as an ex-pat TWO yrs back?)



Thank YOU, @Jace! Guess, we’re ALL about to become media’s “rioting,” “looting,” Rooski eco-terrorists, soon? Yeah, as often as they swipe links we post, I’m very eager to hear WHY our astute, responsive, Progressive™ moderators never apologize for “LOTE & the choice is THEIRS” pearl-clutching, instead of flipping the reactionaries’ Resistance® 180° away from our heads?


How many “hold his feet to the fire” articles have we endured? How many “progressives urge”? How many “serious disappointment with Joe Biden’s pick”? Two dozen? Thirty? More?

Joe Biden is a reactionary Republican with the DNC’s seal of approval. A master incarcerator of men and women of color. And a war criminal. When you support monsters such as Biden, you get horrorshows such as Vilsack.

Know what we don’t get? Any acknowledgement of all of this on CD. Certainly we get no apologies from the likes of this author. Know what else we don’t get? Articles advocating the abandonment of the Democratic Party, and pieces calling for mass demonstrations against their evil. How about that.


Huge disappointment in pick of Vilsack as Dept of Ag Sec. We are entering a time when we need to make a major transformation in agricultural practices from industrial to sustainable and regenerative. A front for corporate ag is clearly an obstacle for making this transformation.

We need someone new who understands what must be undertaken and how to support farmers in the process - maybe someone like Ray Archuleta…regenerative agriculture guru who decades of experience working with the USDA.


Monsatan is perhaps THE poisoner of the Earth and destroyer of family small farming, including the serious threats genetic diversity and open-pollinated variety seeds; Vilsack.is a sharp stick in the eyes of millions of people putting the environment and sustainability first that voted Biden over trump… Any connection to Monsatan’s (and parent Bayer AG) criminal actions or support at any level for chemical agriculture and corporate domination must not be tolerated, but destroyed. Again Biden fails to lead, only recycle and serve big-money corporate profits over people.


Well what did you think we were going to get with Warmonger, Corporate Puppet, Biden, Mr. Rogers?

This is why I was unable to vote for Biden, because I read his 40 year political history.

So far I have not seen One real progressive in his Corporate Big Donor Cabinet.


VileSack will have a new moniker this time around - Mr. Cargill.


Seeds of Deception
By Jeffrey M. Smith.

All you need to know about the frankenstein seeds/food/monsanto.


Nice fast one Biden pulled on his supporters. Many wanted Fudge to head USDA, myself included, a very important position as the world faces extreme climate change, instead we get possibly the worst corporate toady for the position. And by naming Fudge to HUD, an important agency, but not as much as USDA right now IMO, this gives Biden an excuse for not naming her to USDA and still claiming to fill his cabinet with progressives.


I think your fire’s going towards the wrong pair of feet? Should we draw you a map to Joe Biden’s tootsies?

cue raving Democratic henchman in 3,2,1…

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what these people don’t have the integrity to admit is that they get paid to shepherd votes to the Democrats regardless of the candidate. The reality is that none of these sites are “journalism”. They are all political operations first and foremost.


What would we expect from the man who said “nothing will fundamentally change”? I never expected much. Once again it’s the lesser evil but this time around the greater evil is off the charts, so we should be thrilled, well, maybe just relieved.

We should take a hint from the general strike in India on November 26. What, didn’t hear about it? The corporate media must have “forgotten” to report it somehow. 250 million participated in the strike. Maybe if that happened here our corporate masters may start to listen. But they won’t. They think they can survive the massive die-off coming our way. They will be the last species, homo-capitalismi, to go extinct, but extinct they will be. Unless they join Elon Musk in Mars. A barren planet is more to their liking anyway.


So that’s why my feet keep overheating so bad. And I thought it was just another neurological issue.


Vil-sack-of-shit’s arrogance alone should have been a disqualifier for anyone holding public office. Biden continues the donkey’s two step dance to the right that began with nixon/reagan. Look at where we are after more than 4 decades of this bull shit.

“Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

John Adams

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Meet the new boss,


Those founding fathers knew what they were up against but they did try to make something better. But The Constitution is, after all, a piece of paper, only kept alive in men and women with hearts.

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I just finished emailing all my representatives (all Democrats) to not support this asshole’s confirmation. Encourage you to please do the same. It is important, critical, that Biden and the party of donkeys begins to get the message.

" Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter " - MLK Jr.


This is the guy that won’t hesitate to bring Solient Green to market

Remember: Tuesday is Soilent Green Day.

And I’d stay away from the Soilent Brown if I were you

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The Odd Way a New US President Picks a Cabinet

American voters should have a say on the cabinet that a presidential candidate proposes to go into power with,



Or, the yellow snow? I’d mentioned long ago, we’d have to suit-up (after taking a test to prove we’d read Glyphosate’s MSDS) to descale pipe welds, for ultrasonic inspection. We had to verify proper glove disposal and sign a waiver. Now everybody feeds little kids, brightly-colored cereals made from oats, barley, wheat & sorghum, quite literally saturated in this and WORSE, to facilitate harvest & equipment rental. And I’m betting a LOT of our fellow posters smoke & vape sinsemilla or CBD, dessicated with herbicide devoid of any 3rd party testing? But, god HELP you, if you serve anything with gluten! Rant, RAVE… snif…

I’d admitted to a poster, yesterday, investing in a start-up trying to breed microorganism alternatives to fungicide, herbicide, insecticide toxins, as well as novel little fuckers who’d turn earthworm poop, rocks, cover crops, etc. into fertilizer soil conditioners (obviating use of synthetics, to optimize irrigation, keep nitrates out of water… keeps hops & dope safe!)

Heck, fuck it, you can guess the REST? Everything Mr Market touches, goes to shit!