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A Test of U.S. Climate Leadership Will Be How We Treat the Standing Rock Sioux


A Test of U.S. Climate Leadership Will Be How We Treat the Standing Rock Sioux

Mark Trahant

My ears perked up when I heard that Hillary Clinton was giving a speech on American Exceptionalism. I cringe every time this is a topic; the idea is far too close to Manifest Destiny.


In Clinton's speech she states, " We're still Raygun's shining city on the hill ." Then Mark Trahant follows in his article with, " If that's true, that's not a bad thing. " Sorry Mark Trahant, Auf Wiedersehen!


I cringe too whenever I hear someone talk about the US being THE exceptional and indispensable nation. Such hubris that flies in the face of global reality.

USA, please leave a vacuum! Let other peoples around the world have space to breath.

Yet, the world is burgeoning with solutions to things like climate change, despite being under the "indispensable American thumb. Too much is happening for the US to try to micromanage or use its heavy military hand to control.

And many parts of the world are passing the US by, as it struggles at home to adjust to a changing world. The US control freak, and the global corporations it backs, is causing more problems not solving them.

Maybe instead of trying to dictate to everyone, it is time for the US to listen and learn.


“The United States is an exceptional nation. I believe we are still Lincoln’s last, best hope of Earth. We’re still Reagan’s shining city on a hill. We’re still Robert Kennedy’s great, unselfish, compassionate country,” Secretary Clinton said Wednesday. She went on to say that “we are the indispensable nation. People all over the world look to us and follow our lead.”

Mark Trahant follows that with, "If that’s true, that’s not a bad thing."

But we already know the first part of Hillary's statement is not true (we are not "the last, best hope of Earth," we are not "a shining city on a hill," we are not "a great, unselfish, compassionate country."

The second part, that "people all over the world look to us and follow our lead," is what is killing our planet.


Every politician either knows nothing about an issue that they don't want to answer or knows everything about an issue that they do.

Hillary has not held a news conference for 275 days now.
Yesterday her spokesperson said that she would hold a "presser when she's elected."
Hillary is stonewalling to allow the clock to run out.
She's either very ill and is afraid that she'll "short-circuit" during a press conference or she simply doesn't give a damn about "we the people" and refuses to tell us anything for fear that we'll catch her lying once again.


Hmmm. Does self serving politically motivated blather have meaning? You tell us, Mark.


I choose # 2


The city on the hill metaphor lost its meaning the instant the Pilgrims set foot on land they had no inherent right to colonize and started intruding on the Indigent peoples already inhabiting the continent. Only someone completely tone deaf would even think of using that metaphor, but then, that's Hillary.


Clinton's speech on American exceptionalism seems kind of tone deaf to me, given the current circumstances. However, I think this speech really shows what she believes in. That is rare - to hear what Clinton actually believes in.


The Standing Rock Sioux have just been attacked with dogs and pepper spray...I guess that answers the question in the above headline!



The solution exists and has existed for some time.

Keep in mind that the Big Oil companies hid the truth about global warming for decades, and now they hold inventors hostage and/or control the narrative that insists that ONLY fossil fuels (or solar power) are viable for continuing modern life and the amenities so many of us are accustomed to. They also finance and thereby own major political figures.


He's a genius, a humanitarian, and committed to humanity's ongoing future:


Why does no one mention the number one cause of climate change, overpopulation?


"The next decade of action is critical—because if we do not press forward with driving clean energy growth and cutting carbon pollution across the economy, we will not be able to avoid catastrophic consequences.”: Oh, is that why you, Madame Hillary, support and pushed fracking all over the world?


Yeah, I found this article disappointing: What the Chevron CEO pointed out--and his intent was the opposite-- clearly means we need to abandon and dismantle this fossil fuel, earth destroying, "civilization". Period.