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A Thing Like This Should Never Happen (But Somehow It Does, Again and Again)

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/09/01/thing-should-never-happen-somehow-it-does-again-and-again-0


Black Lives Matter!
All Lives Matter,
Regardless of Race, Creed, or National Origin!
This insanity has GOT to end!


Well the USA should never have been founded by a bunch of crazy ass white guys who invaded North America and then committed genocide against the Native Americans and then enslaved black folks all the way from Africa to work because they were too fucking lazy to work themselves. A thing like this should not have happened, but somehow it did and now here we are. What else would you expect from such a god damned vile and cruel nation that refused to come to terms with its past. This has been going on for centuries now and the good ole white boys have been seething in hatred since they were beaten back in the civil war. And as the economy has been declining for decades now, the good ole white boys managed to convince themselves that those same blacks (and now Latinos) have been responsible for their economic decline, they finally managed to get someone in power that encouraged their hatred and rage to be set free against those they believe are responsible for their lousy lives. So now it is open season to kill blacks and the president will have your back if you do. All of this is the inevitable outcome of a nation founded on genocide and slavery and outright violence as witnessed by all the wars the USA has waged around the world and on its own people. There is little left to say, but the worst is yet to come. It is looking more and more like Trump will retain power come November in a large part because many of the do nothing Democrats are racist themselves and want a plantation scenario of slaves for their oligarch owners. After all they purposely forced a white racist sexual predator upon the populace as their candidate to run against the Republican white racist sexual predator. And the biggest irony of all is that Obama is the one who organized the whole Democrat shitshow in the primary against Sanders who is likely the only one who actually could have dethroned Trump. It seems like Obama is nothing but a modern day house negro and because of that, he is doing his best to ensure that master Trump continues to lord over his USA plantation. Personally I will never forgive Obama for his betrayal to his own people and the USA. I am sorry to say I voted for the fucking liar in 2008 and immediately regretted it a month later when he appointed all the Wall Street crooks to his cabinet. What a fucking fool and idiot I was to believe the Hope and Change BS. Look where we are now thanks to his betrayal and lies. Welcome to Amerikkka, land of hatred and insanity.


The tragedy, as I see it at any rate, is that Sanders should have rightly won the nomination in 2016 except for the obtuse “Democratic” Neoliberal Party–that is what they are, as the GOP is the Tea Party maniacs.

By all means vote this racist northern Confederate OUT then prepare to fight and organize for the resurgence of a true LEFT in US America.

US America:Admit your history of genocide, theft, slavery and atone for these crimes by creating a society of equality and returning the land in the care taking of the First Nations.



Not that most of us don’t already know Trump is a coward, but here’s another tid-bit of proof. Jacob Blake’s family agreed to meet with Trump when he went to Kinosha, their one demand, that they have a lawyer present during the meeting. Trump, knowing he would have Barr with him, refused.
Apparently, you can’t fix coward either.


The shooting in Kenosha and the latest in LA (riding a bike in an unlawful manner) should disturb people even more as they were done in a time where those Police Officers know the consequences would be explosive. That they shot and killed these people anyways just added more fuel to the fire which could very well be the intent.

This is what Fascists do.


They had more than “a quarter of a second” when they CHOSE to shoot Jacob Blake IN THE BACK SEVEN TIMES in Kenosha, and when they CHOSE to shoot Dijon Kizzee IN THE BACK 15 TIMES in L.A.

But Trump and his cult of MAGAts never let facts get in the way of their violent, racist fascism.


You have a link for that? Thanks.

Oh, they do more than that. They call them losers in civil court cases that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars every year. And it’s not just a case here and there, it’s one wrongful death, negligence, and civil rights violation payout after another. It’s a big enough phenomena that Wall St invests in “police brutality bonds” for profit – and I repeat – that are PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS:


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“They have a quarter of a second to make a decision… people have to understand that. They choke, sometimes. It’s a very tough situation. And then people call them bad or horrible.” - Donald Trump

Yes they choke (i.e. strangle) people to death, sometimes. And, sometimes they shoot dead, unarmed people. Yes White Supremacy and police slaughter of Black people is very tough for those killed, for their families, for their communities, for Black people, and for the US, in general. And, yes, then many of us do call them bad for this state sanctioned terrorist killing of Black people. Got to hand it to Trump. On occasion, he will say something that is true.

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Explore the existence of The Executioners, a gang within the Compton (LA) Sheriff’s Department exposed by a whistleblower from within. They “chase ink” – tats that hail their murders of those they claim to serve and protect – and celebrate their murders at parties:


I hate Nazis. And Trump is sounding more and more like one. I know people who are his fans that can’t even see or hear it and that’s astonishing to me. I do get when people say Biden is terrible (he’s a racist too) I feel the same way. Gosh darn the Democratic party for stealing the primary from Bernie Sanders, and Bernie why didn’t confront Joe Biden on the stuff now Trump is calling him out for?

The Democratic party would rather have four more years of Trump than let Bernie Sanders win. I blame them for this mess.

Hail Mary: check out peopleforjesse I think dot com
End the Duopoly. Jesse Ventura’s number one issue is Climate change. He is also for the legalization of marijuana.

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Israeli Border Police use this “choke” technique all the time and in fact they’ve have been coming to America for quite awhile, and training police departments with their tactics. This again, is another part of the militarization of the police in our country (well, it’s no longer ours - it belongs to the oligarchs). And their tools first Bush II and then Obama went along with the above, and many other atrocities like mass surveillance of the population (of course both parties Republicans and Democrats are on board - like when they re-upped the Patriot Act in the middle of a pandemic. It’s more like one party rule sometimes, ain’t it? What did George Carlin say? When you hear the word “bi-partisan” you know you’re going get doubly screwed! This was proven, when Congress approved the largest upward transfer of wealth in history to the 1%, banks and corporations of $4.5 trillion! That was the CARES Act, their first stimulus and concern).

This is a different source, but same story. The source I saw this morning was MSN.


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Unfortunately Ventura claimed he was not running this year, when he spoke at the Peoples Party rally on Sunday.

Yanis Varoufakis points to the 2008/2009 Bush/Obama “Recovery” act as the time when capitalism disconnected itself from the notion that financial value is linked to production: _https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ71815alQk&t=2706s