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A Thought for Bernie Sanders: Maybe He Should Join the Democratic Party?


A Thought for Bernie Sanders: Maybe He Should Join the Democratic Party?

Tom Gallagher

We all know how thoroughly Bernie Sanders shook up American politics, particularly within the Democratic Party, when he took his challenge to the generally unchallenged, and usually unspoken rule of big money in politics. Even now they’re starting to argue about whether he’s the party’s 2020 frontrunner. And yet political currents at home and abroad suggest a case for him doing something that could shake up the applecart just as thoroughly for a second time – by actually becoming a Democrat for keeps.


Good points Mr Gallagher.

“Their worst nightmare is not that we will pick up and leave if we don’t get what we want, but that we won’t leave!”

Neoliberal Democrats want Progressive Democrats out so neolibs can continue to collect their WS bribes win or lose. More likely lose, as if they care. Progressives want money and revolving doors out of politics after all.

What better way to say good riddance to the Blue Dogs than for progressives to take over the Dem party like Corbyn did with Labor? To actually win instead of placing our hopes on a third party with predictably single digit votes?

Progressive Democrats either take over the party and win for democracy, or we all lose to fascism.


Should Bernie join the Dems? Should Frodo join the forces of Sauron? Should Luke Skywalker sign on with the Empire? No.

If Bernie were to join the Dem Party, he would alienate his progressive base. Maybe that’s the motivation behind this article. The Labour Party in England is nothing like the Dem Party. For one thing, the Labour Party can’t rig nominations by using the completely undemocratic system of superdelegates.

Many progressives, myself included, are promoting #DemEnter, in order to vote for the progressives who are challenging the corporatist Dems in the primaries. And that’s it. We’re not voting for the corporatist Dems again.


Hey over 50 crowd…last I read Murkin life expectencies are not increasing and attrition is making older voters less relevant with each passing election. Young Murkin voters are rapidly becoming the deciding factor in elections, and they don’t care whether a candidate flies a red, blue, green or any other color flag, they vote for the candidate, not the party. They wised up to the lesser evil candidate scam a lot faster than we did.

Note also that the percentage of voting age Murkins identifying as Democrats has been in decline since the Johnson Administration…more than a half century.

Being concerned about which party a progressive candidate affiliates with is tantamount to a business trying to get young customers by advertising in newspapers and not advertising on-line.


I am not a Bernie Sanders supporter but I don’t see the suggested move. One reason is that I think Sanders is conflicted about where he is politically. He vacillates between being outside the Democratic Party, somewhere in the Bernie Zone between the Democratic Party and the Green Party and actually identifying with the Democrats. You can hear that in his speech. Sometimes he refers to the Democrats as “they” and something it sounds like he is a Democrat. I expect him to not make a firm decision to become a Democrat and stay in the Bernie Zone where he seems most comfortable going back and forth. I don’t like the analogy with Corbyn. The Democratic Party has a base that includes many members of minorities, particularly African Americans. The party needs to appeal to these groups of minorities who have special problems that white people do not experience. This is not the situation in Britain. I would say to largely ignore what is going on in Britain and analyze the unique situation of the United States. Progressive are not going to be able to take over the Democratic Party because it no longer has a large working class base. The working class is going to continue to vote for Republicans as long as the Republicans rely on a an appeal to racism. Something fundamentally has to change for progressive to take over the Democratic Party. Right now there is no chance and establishment Democrats have little reason to change since they are popular with most of their political base, They are shifting slightly to the left however as I see more and more of them stating they support single-payer health care. They have been for universal coverage for many years but not necessarily single-payer.


Racism rises when income and wealth inequality increase. The only reason FDR, Truman, JFK and LBJ’s pro 99% legislation enjoyed popular support is because Murka had a strong middle class that at least felt secure.

Saint Ron’s revolution and concurrent Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation kicked off systematic destruction of the middle class enabling legs to grow under the myth that minorities and immigrants were taking your job and more. Recall Ron’s welfare queen myth about hordes of black women driving new Cadillacs full of kids that were her ticket to lavish welfare scams ?

As long as the Democrats of 2017 continue to resemble the GOP of 1984, further widening the income and wealth gap, the GOP will indeed be able to keep herding more voters into their racist corral.


Thought for the Democratic Party: Maybe they should join Bernie Sanders.

The Democratic Party pool has been fouled by the scandal of Wasserman Shultz and the taint of favoritism. Why should Bernie align himself with a party almost as entrenched in corruption as the Republicans? One which tows the party line and keeps a status quo which is fundamentally opposed to some of the basic platform pillars Bernie stands against? It is the Democratic Party that needs to alter and adjust their structure if they wish to court minds as honest and progressive as Bernie Sanders. Start by vowing to get the money out of politics, by committing to universal healthcare. Clean your house before you invite in the best thing that ever happened to American Politics.


Bernie Sanders, a Democrat? What a novel idea. Give me a break.

Maybe Gallagher was in a coma in 2016, but Bernie was a Democrat in 2016 and, unfortunately, a little too good a Democrat. By throwing his progressive base under the bus and shamelessly shilling for Clinton, he insured that a lot of those progressives will never vote Democrat. The damage has been done. Doesn’t help when he continues to rub elbows with the party elite and refuses to criticize them for the sake of party unity. That “I” behind his name is just window dressing. Sanders is a Democrat.

A thought for Bernie Sanders: Maybe he should join a party that does not view him as the enemy. Maybe, just maybe, some of those young progressives will bother to show up and vote in the next election.


Did you know that Bernie was the winner of the Democratic Primary for Senate in 2006? He’d already agreed with the party, which endorsed him from the top to the bottom, that he’d decline the nomination and run as an Independent. The party didn’t run a candidate against him.

The same thing happened in 2012.

He is a member of the Democratic Caucus. He is treated as a Democrat when it comes to committee assignments. He votes with they party as much as any other Democratic senator and he always votes with the party on procedural matters.

Bernie ran for president last year as a Democrat. But he is a Senator as an Independent. It is ethical for him to remain an Independent who caucuses with the party through out his term that ends in 2019. If he is to permanently become a Democrat, the ethical thing to do is not decline the party nomination when he wins it in 2018. Until then he should remain what the voters elected.


I sincerely hope that Bernie – a basically decent guy SFAICT – will not sully himself by formally joining the DamnocRatic Party, an utterly corrupt organization that is beyond any hope of redemption IMHO.

[quote=“Townsend12, post:3, topic:43428”]   “Many progressives, myself included, are promoting #DemEnter,
in order to vote for the progressives who are challenging the corporatist Dems in the primaries.  And that’s it. We’re not voting for the corporatist Dems again.
” [/quote]

Sounds good to me – I haven’t voted for any korporate DamnocRats since Bill Clinton’s first campaign (I was young and naive), nor have I ever knowingly sent a donation to any of them that I can recall.  But I am a con­firmed Curmudgeon and Neo-Luddite, and have no idea what organization ‘#DemEnter’ represents, if any.*

Which party’s Nomination for WHAT in 2018?  If Bernie runs for re-election to the Senate as an independent in 2018, there’s no party involved.  The ethical thing in that case is for the utterly corrupt DamnocRats to butt out like they have previously and not run a centrist against him so that he can devote all his energy to exposing & defeating a RePooplican challenger.

*  BTW, Only TWITS Twitter – so I presume that makes Tweetle-Dumb the Head Twit . . .


… Are you ridiculous?

Bernie should LEAVE the Democratic Party. Sure, technically he’s independent. But he acts like he’s one of the Democrats. He must ABANDON the corporate neoliberal party and start a third party movement. #DraftBernie

That’s the only way our government changes. We need a grassroots third party NOW.


#DemEnter? Are you kidding? How about #DemExit? We need a #PeoplesParty immediately. That’s the only way to break the oligarchy.


Depends on whether he wants to run for president as a Democrat again. I expect that will be the subject of negotiations with the DNC. Given how the Establishment is already trying to clear the way for Kamala Harris, Bernie might conclude that the DNC intends to rig the primary again. If so, he might as well run as an independent.


After the way the Democrats treated him during the Primary, I don’t see Sanders becoming a Democrat. I sincerely hope he does not, but he’ll get my vote regardless. The Democrats need Sanders more than he needs them.


jneastra: You partly sum up where I ended up after the election. While I haven’t voted for the Democratic nominee since 2004 (and regret that one, since Kerry rolled over and played dead in the face of obvious election fraud in Ohio), I had remained registered as one. However, the last primary season and the Podesta emails were the last straw for this leftist. I will NEVER, EVER vote for another Democrat. When the opportunity arrives, I will change my party registration to Green and only vote for them, and on ballot issues. The Democrats are unreformable, and totally bought-and-paid-for by industry and the super-rich, just like the Republicans. I have sworn to devote the rest of my life to ending the Democratic Party and replacing it with the Green Party as the only true representatives of average, working and poor people who believe government has a legitimate roll in making their lives better, and who care about the future of all life on Earth. Please join me and the millions of other equally PO’d Berniecrats who have #Demexited to the Green Party already!


I agree we need a People’s Party immediately. But we also need to be eligible to vote in the Democratic Party primaries in 2018 and 2020. That’s what #DemEnter is about. Because we need to vote for the progressive challengers who are running against the corporatist Dem incumbents.

A good example is Paula Jean Swearingen, coal miner’s daughter and clean water activist, who was inspired by Bernie to run against corrupt Senator Joe Manchin in the W. Virginia primary in 2018. https://medium.com/@nathan_wall/time-for-joe-to-go-why-i-support-paula-swearingen-for-senate-424b4f88961a

There are many Bernie-inspired progressives who will be challenging the corporatist Dems in the primaries of 2018, and they deserve our votes and our support. That’s why everyone in closed-primary states needs to register as Democrats, in order to be eligible to vote against the corporatist Dem incumbents.


I don’t want to hear that Bernie has joined the democratic party, I want him to hold a press conference and say he has finally learned his lesson… that the democratic party is done and he sees no future in it.
Dump the Republican light party and start the People’s Party.


I wouldn’t quite say that he threw “his Progressive base under the bus” nor would I say that “progressives will never vote Democrat” again. Many factors contributed to Bernie’s efforts to defeat Trump, however if he had ran as an independent, Trump still would have won but the Democrats and the media would forever blame the Progressives (instead of the “Russians” or some other boogeyman) for getting Trump elected.
Also, with Bernie’s lukewarm support for Hilary, at least he still leaves room for progressives to highjack the Democratic Party in the near future. Corporations will naturally still shell out millions to support corporate Democrats, but many of the Democratic faithful are beginning to realize that corporate corruption of the Democratic Party is deep and omnipotent. Progressives have no other choice but to persuade the Party faithful that corporate influence is dangerous, treasonous and self-defeating.


Oh please. The Dems are rotten through and through. I will never vote for them again. I am not alone in this perspective. That’s why the Dems lost.

Both the Dems and Reps are hemorrhaging out the bottom. Enough so that any candidate that sticks with limiting the wealth gap and equality under the law will win in 2020 no matter who the Red/Blue charade trots out.

It’s just a matter of time before the whole thing comes tumbling down, anyway. It can either tumble out to the betterment of the little guy or it can crash and burn. I see very little alternative outside of revolutionary change or police state. Take your pick.


run, Bernie, run. away, that is