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A Thought for Bernie Sanders: Maybe He Should Join the Democratic Party?


The only purposes whatsoever for pushing Sanders to register as “D” are to make sure he is fully under the control of the Party’s corporatist wing, i.e.effectively, to shut him up, and to reduce the threat of competition from any emergent 3rd Party, Oh, and of course, to shepherd in those more enamored with the symbol than the principles associated it / he represents.

Sanders already harmed his stature by acting as a sheepdog during the election and since, though he still remains the most respected among American politicians. In terms of promoting the changes he seeks, however, he will continue to be far more effective as an independent.


You might not say he threw “his Progressive base under the bus," but I will.

And I’m only one liberal but I know plenty like me who will never vote D-party again. Have you noticed d-party registration? It’s been on a downward trend line since at least the 70s.

Oh, and establishment dems do blame hippies for Hilary’s loss. Which I love.

Lastly, you must be kidding about having no other choice other than reforming the D-party from within. Voters have been deciding to stay home in droves.


This author used a lot of words to say “keep holding your noses, hippies.”


Mr. Gallagher makes some good strategic points here!


Then be prepared to live under Republican rule indefinitely.


This infighting is music to the ears of fascist Republicans.


The democrats should join Bernie Sanders and move to end the political party system, for it is devisive, and bought off and bring in ,THE COUNCIL OF THE PROPLE,and put all the decision-making powers directly into the hands of the people to gain their voice. Now that would be a true revolution!


Last time I checked, the words “it’s her turn” were music to the R-Party’s ears.

And your party was forsaking working class voters in favor of courting moderates in the suburbs.
And your party was on an epic losing streak…and still is.
And holding the fewest seats in state government since 1920.

But I encourage you to stay the course. In terms of subverting the duopoly, it’s working perfectly.


The problem with a ‘third party’ is that corporate media will always pretend that it simply doesn’t exist. With virtually no coverage of a third party by the MSM, most people will have no idea that a third, fourth or fifth party candidate even exists. keep in mind that most Americans are pretty apathetic when it comes to educating themselves about political matters. And I do agree that people joining the Democratic Party are at an all tome low, but this hardly translates into a victory for indepedents. Most people who voted for either Party were not card carrying members. Instead the public simply waits to see who the TWO candidates will be running in the election, decide which one is more superficially appealing to them and then they may or may not vote. As for the establishment blaming anyone at all for Trump’s victory, all I have heard is how the Russians discredited Hilary by unearthing her devious emails to the public who for the most part already knew that she is a corporate shill.You’ll know that corporate America is nervous, once progressives can replace the old guard. It may be sooner than you think.


While I’m well aware of the problems third, fourth, and fifth parties have, I’m also aware of the fact that the dems have triangulated themselves into near irrelevance.

Can a third party rush into the void? That may come sooner than you think.


I am going to comment here on the stop BDS movement since CD won’t allow comment on the article. Thank you DN for reporting on this issue. 15 democrats signed on to a bill by AIPAC to make it a felony to support the BDS movement. Some of these Senators are now saying they didn’t realize what was in the bill? Why because a lobbyist wrote the bill and these pathetic Senators just sign on because its AIPAC???

The US committed genocide to the Native American population,enslaved a race of people,and today the US is directly responsible for the horrors committed to the Palestine people.


I was, and am a Bernie supporter. I am now focused on 2018 and 2020. The only practical option available to us is to take control of the only Party that can get us closer to where we want to be.

Sadly, ours is not a parliamentary system. If we who are, to some degree, left-of-center split our efforts in 2 or 3 different directions, we will surely lose. I understand and respect your passion. I do.
However, we must face the reality that 3rd parties have not been very successful in the history of this
country. If we work together, we can rebuild the Democratic Party into something we can live with.

If we do not, there is no way, mathematically.


When Barbara Lee stood alone to oppose the endless war AUMF who in her district tried to unseat her? The leading Green Party member in California. When push comes to shove, the Green Party here stands for nothing.


Hippies? When was the last time you were out in the world?


I voted for Stein in a pretty blue state by the ocean.
It was a safe, easy vote to cast. I would of voted for Hillary if I lived in, say, N.Mexico.
Hillary received 66 Million votes. That’s a lot people to throw overboard so maybe I’ll vote in the primary and just skip the general in 2020. I’m fairly ok with my state legislature, etc. I’m not OK with the Feds.
To allow the federal gov’t, under Trump, to have any power over your life is to accept kleptocratic rule. That to me is treasonous. I won’t eat anymore nothingburgers from the PTB, either. Many people won’t and then being a D or an R or a GP won’t matter. You’re either going to be DOA or you’re not.
If the Republicans refuse to remove Trump & Co. they are aiding and abetting treason. That will cause all hell to break loose. Trump’s budget, as David K. Johnson pointed out, looks like the writers of it are preparing for a police state. True that!
We’re headed for some very choppy water and swells of dangerous proportions. Hang onto your safety ropes and tighten up your life vest. 35% of the people are really going to be pissed, either way.
The cautious center will not hold or withstand that storm, imo. We’ll all be Sandernistas or Trumpsters, then.


Regardless of how far left or toward the center the Democratic Party is it is troubling to me that the party cannot easily defeat a party led by a white supremacist fascist and a party which largely continues to support him. This suggests to me that something had gone terribly awry with the voters. Most grew up in the United States. Something has gone terribly wrong at the deepest level. How did we get from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, etc to Trump. What happened?


I qualified my statement as “some” progressives, but, absolutely, a percentage of progressives opted for the lesser of two evils and voted for Clinton. No argument, there. Many, however did not. Some, like me, continued to vote Green. Others simply stayed home. The stayed home/took a pass on voting for president on the ballot were, by far, the biggest percentage of the electorate in 2016. That no vote is what defeated Clinton and unless Democrats swallow their pride, stifle their greed and actually offer the voters something, they’ll suffer the same fate, again and again. At this point, the party core shows no interest in such a strategy. In a recent poll, the party showed more interest in Biden than in Sanders or Warren in 2020. That says it all.


Good point, LRX. The answer is likely in the percentage of the electorate that opted not to vote at all or take a pass on the President on their ballot in 2016. That was, by far, the largest percentage of the electorate. If this continues, a smaller and smaller percentage of the electorate actually elects the President and that amplifies the influence of ever more extreme and radical elements in our elections. Thus, we have Trump.


A thought for Tom Gallagher: Sanders tried that last year and it didn’t work out so well as the DNC colluded with the Clinton campaign, the Democrat super-delegates, and their media flunkies to cheat him of the nomination. You know this as well as anyone. But why should Sanders continue wasting energy trying to prop up a dead political party that would rather lose to Republicans in perpetuity than allow the left to take over? It’s insane, or just plain stupid, to expect and demand that anyone join a political party that cares more about Wall Street bribes than actually winning elections. Why expend more time, energy, and money on a lost cause?

Look, I know you’re a partisan hack who despises the left, but guess what? The feeling’s mutual, little boy. Time to grow up or go back to your corner and stay there until you do—because there’s not much time left for humanity and I do not want my kids growing up in a blasted uninhabitable landscape because you overgrown children can’t let go of power. You were given chance after chance after chance to prove yourselves and you chose instead to join up with the Republicans. No more. Enough is enough. You right-wingers are no longer welcome in the Democratic Party. Go register as Republicans since all you ever do is aid and abet their crimes anyway—IF they’ll have you. But they probably won’t, because no one likes a loser and Democrats only ever lose; whether it’s your spines or your ethics or your souls or elections, you like losing because then you get to wrap yourselves in your little cocoons and pretend you’re still relevant and it’s all the left’s fault.

But we adults have to deal with the fallout from your cozying up to right-wing extremists, and we’re past the limits of our patience with you. I hope if Sanders does run again in 2010 it’s under a third party ticket like the Green or Progressive Party. That way you Democrats can fade away into the dustbin of political history as you deserve.


Bernie was pushed into a corner by Obama. Bernie did what was left for him to do. He’s a stand-up guy who keeps on keeping on in the most democratically patriotic manner that is available to him. And he’s still out there doing that FOR US. I, for one, appreciate and endorse him without reservation.