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A Thought for Bernie Sanders: Maybe He Should Join the Democratic Party?


Doing that would definitely cost him votes. That would not be a smart move on his part at all and that is why it is highly unlikely to happen.


Face it: The Democratic Party is NOT worth saving as it is. It has forsaken the working people of America and only pays lip service to helping the poor and minorities. It is totally clear that their Loyalties are to the Rich and the Corporations.

Which is to say the Democrats Are No Better Than the Republicans!

We Are So Screwed! Neither Party Cares About “We the People!”


…Wow! And yet you accuse the Republicans of Racism. Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle!


"Clearly it’s been a significant contributor to the fact that even people who disagree with him regard him as a straight-shooter. No, so far as his own career goes, "

Well, that’s not true. REAL Democrats see Bernie as a Socialist Revolutionary who lied, spied, and cheated at every opportunity.

You recall that Bernie couldn’t get even ONE of his Senate colleagues to endorse his candidacy?

His fans overlook his temper tantrums, his slander, and just cheer when he attacks Democrats.

Then in a bizarre reversal of logic, they blame DEMOCRATS for Trumps incredible narrow EC win.

As if all the attacks and Russian Propaganda didn’t have an effect on voter turnout?

No, Bernie Sanders shouldn’t “become a Democrat”.

He’d be lying if he tried. He’s not capable of supporting a Party.

Even while he supposedly “ran as a Democrat” he was tearing down the Party instead of running on the issues.


Socialist Propaganda, like all propaganda, has no connection with facts.

Attempting to sway opinion by projecting untruths only works on the weak minded.


Yeah, We tried that. Bernie tried and tens of thousands of us registered as Democrats to get him elected. WHOOPS: The Dems had already picked their nominee and forgot to tell us. So we now have a fraud lawsuit against the DNC and, I would guess that most of us have been #DemExit for months. We donate to Bernie and progressives. We no longer give anything to the DNC. The DNC is cash-strapped and, if/when we win our lawsuit, it could be out of business. (Fingers crossed.) Bernie should run as an independent if we can change election laws which favor the duopoly. Independents are now the plurality of voters in our country. Macron in France should inspire all Americans.


Sort of like Trump.


What Bernie’s trying to do is keep his 2016 constituency onboard while reaching out to the greater democratic constituencies he lost in preparation for a potential future run. We’ll see if he can.


WTF are you talking about, Newbie?

LRX was accusing Black voters of racism, a charge he leveled against Republicans only yesterday in another post.


I AGREE WITH YOU 100%. Nuff sed,
You’ve said what I would have said–u beat me to it. Thanx.


Hey Night. This ain’t infighting. It’s defection. Hope this helps.


Oh it helps all right. It helps Republicans!


Don’t blame the voters, blame the Democratic Party. It has not been on the left politically for many decades.


Sanders was right to support Hillary so he wouldn’t be blamed for the election outcome. But the Dem party is as corrupt as the Republican party, and no decent thinking person can support either. You and Naomi are wrong to support an organization that successfully conspired to deny America freedom to choose its President.


Wait, is Gallagher referencing the same party that used McCarthy-esque smear tactics against Keith Ellison, the pro-Bernie candidate for DNC chair in the February election? The safe Schultz clone Perez is now DNC chair because of the whispering campaign accusing Ellison of being an anti-Zionist progressive. God forbid.

This is the same party whose lawyers are now arguing in court in a case brought by some pro-Bernie voters that the DNC is entitled to pick its own candidate in back rooms - violating its own rules - because it is a “private entity” and not obligated to follow those rules.

Join the Dems? Gimme a break. Bernie needs to join Stein and the Greens.


I disagree with your comments. There are now more more registered Independents than in either one of the existing parties. We all know that Bernie was the true winner of the primaries but the Democrats would not let that happen so they rigged everything for Hillary to win even though she is not nearly as popular as she and the party like to believe. That is the main reason Trump was elected, because Democratic voters were so angry with the party’s choice to undermine the popular vote. If they hadn’t done that, Bernie would be president right now. Neither Trump nor Clinton were acceptable or popular candidates with the majority, as they were the two worst candidates in American history.


I disagree, the corporate democrats are centrists and much closer to the right. Only the progressives are to the far left, and Independents hold a majority over both of the two established parties. It is way past time to overhaul the present 2 party system! There is too much corporate control and corruption in both parties due to the horrible Supreme Court decision that corporations are people.


Corporate involvement, corruption and dirty politics happened! The New World Order is in charge now.


If you want him to run away, then you are uninformed or ignorant, because you obviously don’t have a clue about what is happening to this country. Exactly where do you think we would be without him along with very few others in Congress constantly working to protect us, the voters?


WHY ON EARTH should he join those who STOLE his election?

So they can control him better?