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A Thought for Bernie Sanders: Maybe He Should Join the Democratic Party?


What in hell are you talking about? Bernie was the only one who actually DID run on the important issues that face all Americans, and would have done his very best to accomplish them. Clinton didn’t even know what the real issues truly are, nor does she care! All her fancy speeches were full of lies, political propaganda and rhetoric, but she couldn’t answer even one direct question about what she wanted to accomplish or how to do it. She ran to satisfy her ego and increase her bank accounts. She is nothing but a corporate shill. At least Trump ran on some decent issues, but unfortunately it seems that it was all BS because he is NOT following through with any of his campaign promises that would actually help “we the people” and is actually doing the opposite. The only promise he is avid about is building that ridiculous wall, but at OUR taxpayer expense, not Mexico!


The two party system has been taken over by corporatists and don’t kid yourself there are many in the party of the democrats.

How can you compare England to the United States, we don’t even have a health “care” for all in this country and England has for decades. They have regulations on food and chemicals and…??? we are abolishing government functions. How many parties does England have in their Parliamentary form of government and a Queen?

The Duopoly has worked well for corporatist.


I understood your point, and totally disagree with it.  As many others have pointed out since we posted yes­terday, there’s NO good reason for Bernie to sully himself by joining the Utterly Corrupt DamnocRatic Party, and many good reasons to NOT join it.  Neither, IMHO, should he join the apparently disorganized and ob­viously ineffective Greens – but Bernie knows that already, as he could have done so a year ago and wisely declined.


The problem started LONG before the so-called “Citizens United” decision – it actually dates back to the earli­est days of our “Democracy Representative Republic”.  The two Roosevelts rolled the greedy ones back for a time, but World War II brought the Military-Industrial Complex to full bloom, and it’s been entwining its tendrils deeper and deeper into our government ever since. As noted a couple of times, my dad described the U.S. as “a Korpocracy” during the early years of the Reagan era, and O’Bummer himself confessed to the similarity of the DamnocRats to the RePooplicans as long ago as January, 2010 – well before Korporations were declared “People” by SCOTUS.


Well, I don’t know what he’ll do, and I don’t really care what he does. I don’t support him joining the Democratic Party. But IF he does, that’s when I think he should do it. If running as a Democrat in the next race will cost him votes, then what would changing his status in the middle of his term do?


If you totally disagree with my point by opposing him joining the Democrats, then you did not understand my point since my point was not whether he should or shouldn’t, but simply what was the most ethical moment IF he does.

I too don’t support him joining the Democrats.

Since when do people not understand what “IF” means?


Exactly!! That is the truth! It is absolutely imperative to eliminate this ridiculously divisive and corrupt two party system that is NOT working for us! The rules need to change to allow other parties on the ballots for federal elections, and not be encumbered by decisions of individual states to have closed primaries.

The people we elect are supposed to represent us, but about 95% of the current Congress members from both parties are working for the corporations that pay them to do what they want, which is never in the best interest of “we the people.” We are struggling to survive while we are also forced to support them with their six figure salaries, great benefits, and fancy lifestyles in addition to the huge legalized bribes they accept so they can screw their constituents! I’m really sick and tired of the corruption we are being forced to accept while it strangles the will of the people and makes our lives miserable!


I’ll admit that I did read a little ‘recommendation’ into your statement, as what’s the point of discussing it other­wise.  Seems to me about as pointless as discussing the number of angels that could dance on the head of a pin.  BTW, I read recently (in The Week magazine, IIRC) that 75% of Americans believe in them.  Angels, that is – not pins.  No wonder the country is in such dire straights.


Because the corporate democrats are afraid of him! They would lose all their corrupt powers and huge legalized bribes if he could achieve his goal of getting corporate money out of politics!!


Better yet, why not change the federal election laws to demand that all states have open primaries in all federal elections and allow all parties to be on the ballots?


Stein/Sanders 2020
The People’s Party!


Actually I was countering the implication in the article that if Bernie were to do the right thing, he should become a Democrat now. My point was that the right thing is to remain an Independent through his term.


I sure wish this weren’t moot.


The Common Dreams discussion forum is now full of paid corporate liars, mouthpieces. Don’t for one moment think these are regular denizens of the internet.

I will end my relationship with Common Dreams just as quickly as I ended my relationship with the Democratic Party if this continues. As if corporations don’t already enjoy such a massive advantage over the dialogue and political process. It’s is easy to see from the way Bernie was treated in the primary and the unfairness in a discussion board how little their sense of ethics.


Corporate Democrats are not centrists, by any measure. Compared to Western European standards, Canada and Australia corporate Democrats are well to the right.

American progressives are not “far left”. No way! What are they far left about? Organized labor is almost on its last breath. The USA is the one developed nation without a universal ‘not for profit’ health care system. The election, the media and everything else is under control of capital in the USA. It is no longer even a Democracy, more an Oligarchy.


No candidate can overcome overt cheating and fraud. The Democratic Party admitted that they cheated Bernie and they cheated us by default. That is just one of the reasons I am no longer a Democrat.


How would joining the Democratic Party benefit Bernie or the rest of us; except for the leadership? Political parties reward those who raise mega bucks by speaking for other members at fund raisers, it’s the party leadership that appointments the members to committees. The more money a party member raises the better the chances of getting on the committee they want. Bernie has principles he wants to maintain while the party leaders may differ.


If you want to fool yourself, be my guest. I wanted Bernie to win, but knew his odds were extremely long because he got crushed in multiple primaries early. He caught lightning in party-controlled caucus states as the not-Hillary candidate. If it means anything, he knows he didn’t do everything right and is working to fix those mistakes now.


That shows a lot of promise. Stein ahead of Sanders? Do you realize she came in no better than fourth where she was on the ballot? She came in 6th in Iowa. Her whole campaign and “recount” move were just quadrennial fundraising.


I don’t know about Bernie becoming a Democrat. He’s too progressive. Yes, maybe he could drag the Party into the 21st century but, then again, it would put him under the thumb of the Democratic National Committee, which resists any sort of change. I would hate to think of the people who backed Hillary Clinton at all costs have any sort of control over Bernie. And I would not like to see them assume any control over Bernie’s remarkable ability for fund raising, or to have any money contributed to him go to serve the DNC’s mania for preserving their own worthless butts.