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A Thought for Bernie Sanders: Maybe He Should Join the Democratic Party?


Progressives are such positive, constructive, forward looking folks. Never distracted by resentment or desire for retribution. Clearly evident in your post.


Your idea of the DNC more closely resembles the Soviet Central Committee. Almost flattering.


No, Lrx did no such thing.


So flip the ticket. The BERN is getting old. Stein can still get around and carry coherent thoughts to verbalize.
She was recently again supporting assistance in water polluted, Flint Michigan.


Something “terribly awry with the voters”??? Really, perhaps there was something “terribly awry” with the candidate of your choice: Hillary.

We got to Trump due to the malfeasance of both political parties. For once the moneyed and political elite has taken notice – the voting public ain’t gonna take it longer. If it takes throwing a wrench in the machine then so be it. Trump was that wrench.



Are we going to hear your opinions on the white vote next?

Don’t talk about the black vote like it’s some sort of monolith. Age and region, amongst other factors, were determinants of how blacks voted last year. Saying African Americans have a “point of view” and that point of view was a rejection of Sanders just makes you sound ignorant. Or worse, like you are attempting to smear someone you don’t like.


No. No. Democrats need to Join Bernie – not the other way around. No more centrist democrats and playing in the middle where it is safe.


As the article says:

“Their [dem corpopratists] worst nightmare is not that we will pick up and leave if we don’t get what we want, but that we won’t leave!” Says it all!


Not really. Reps losing the same folks. Both “sides” bleeding out the bottom; the bell curve either side of $30K. They’re sick of all y’all party patsies calling the kettle black.


Well, that’s certainly a moronic thought.


I feel the same way. I am already getting calls soliciting money to elect Democratic candidates in 2018. When I explained to the last caller that
whatever money I have will be going toward the Green Party because it has a comprehensive platform that embodies all of the goals I would like our government to work toward, the caller (I’m sure a paid fund raiser) said she’d never even heard of the Green Party!
The Democratic script remains the same. “We must elect Democrats…We can’t allow the Republicans to win…We must take back the seats we’ve lost…I’m sure you’ll agree and send $100 right away.” Monotonous, meaningless mush.


Should Jeremy Corbyn leave the British Labor Party? Until last year, it was as bad as the US Democrats…


My response to Democrats now is, "I have permanently left the Democratic Party because they will never change or reform, and I intend to help end them and send them the way of the Whigs’.


The problem is the inability to participate in primary elections when identifying as an Independent… And that’s the reason I re-registered as a Dem. even though I detest the neoliberal bastards…


I will memorize this for all future calls. Even this morning on the news, a topic was broached and evaluated on whether it would be maybe attract progressives back to the party. It’s always about the party, not the people or the issues.


Considering all the bile heaped upon progressives for over forty years as the Democrats sold out to Wall Street, my words are rather mild by comparison. Don’t like it? Tough. There’s no more time for pulling punches, and the sooner you get it hammered into your heads that the left is done letting the right beat up on us, the better.


Hell! Democrats STOLE — S T O L E — Sanders’ primary victory using every dirty trick in the book.

Gallagher, are you kidding??? They do not even deserve to be a party!


What the DNC & friends did to the American people … is nothing less than TREASON.


You didn’t want Bernie to win and you do not support single payer. Those are roles you play in your job as internet message board manipulator. I have seen your act a million times.

Fool myself? You are trying to pull the wool over all our eyes it’s what you are paid to do.


I’m sorry you can’t even half deal with reality, facts, whatnot.