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A Thought for Bernie Sanders: Maybe He Should Join the Democratic Party?


Shoot KC, you’re getting paid for this? Well, the TRUTH is out now!!! Some guy on the Internet said it, so it must be true.

Have you noticed a tendency from the mildly Left to say that anyone they disagree with who isn’t an obvious RWNJ is a paid shill? Or, if on Twitter, a bot? I’m not sure when that started, but I know it wasn’t like this ten years ago, or even four years ago, not to this degree.

I used to think that it was just an inability to argue facts, but now I’m thinking it might be to shut down any dissent at all stemming from a "with us or against us"attitude. What happens to nations when the population becomes this fragmented, this mistrusting of its institutions?

I’ve been talking politics online since the Nineties and I’ve never seen it like this. It used to be I’d only get this level of outright hatred and contempt from neo-Nazis or the tankies. There’s always been a high level of snark, but this is different. I suspect things will continue to get worse, creating more dysfunction in civil society, and, as always, the poor will bear the brunt of it.

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Agree completely. It’s disturbing too. If you step back and think about it, most of us (on the Left) are on the same side and we are fighting over a matter of degrees. And frankly, reading Twitter, I’m so tired of the way one comment can be taken as THE WORST THING. This just happened when Bernie said something fairly innocuous last week or so, but was met by hellfire. I couldn’t get over some of the stuff I was seeing over something so stupid, not worth the time at all. Honestly, it’s tough not to think our country got played hard this last election, at least I feel like it.


Very good points, natureboy.

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The issue with Sanders joining the democrat party is that he would then have to come under all their draconian rules, especially the ‘don’t upset the establishment/lobbyists’ rule. He was only allowed in the 2016 race because Hillary thought Sanders, as a socialist, had zero chance. Wasserman-Shultz stated publicly in 2015 they were ‘worried’ old Sanders may take 3-4% of the vote. Tulsi Gabbard may learn this very soon with her anti-war and anti-pharma speeches plus the fact she walked out on the DNC in 2016. She risks being barred from the party and/or the presidential debates, like Wilson, Steinberg and De La Fuente were in 2016. (Hillary who effectively ran the DNC, only permitted 2 others on the debate stage. You didn’t know that? CNN must have omitted that fact. http://bit.ly/rocky2016-fraud )

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Well, he didn’t join the party and still is officially an Independent as regards being a Senator- but he caucuses with the Democrats and if he runs for president, it looks like he’ll again run for the Democratic nomination.

Tulsi is a Democrat.

There were more than two others on the debate stage until they began dropping out. There were Hillary Goddamn Clinton, Bernie, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, Virginia Senator Jim Webb, and former Governor and Senator Lincoln Chafee. They did keep Lawrence Lessig out of the debates.

The entire DNC was owned by Hillary Goddamn Clinton and the entire contest was corrupted and rigged, as proved by Wikileaks- but the Russiagate diversion has kept that truth out of the public examination.

I expect the same kind of thing this time around.


Yes, NO more corporate demos who are corrutp and want to control the party.