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'A Threat to a Fair Election': Experts Warn of Danger Posed by Armed Pro-Trump Poll Watchers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/09/threat-fair-election-experts-warn-danger-posed-armed-pro-trump-poll-watchers


While it would be a risky move (for the obvious reasons), I’m hoping that governors are preparing to call out State National Guard units should the right wing armed militants turn out.

My nightmares are seeming to come true as of late.

Thoughts and prayers are not going to get us through what’s coming next.


Thanks for covering this. It’s amazing how the Michigan story has fallen off the pages of the MSM.


Where, if any, is there a pro-active plan to keep people safe?

This has been brewing for years (decades), now they have d.t. telling them it’s ok to unleash their hate.
There has been no talk in my community of steps taken to stop violence even though we’ve had antagonistic, signs, truck/ATV parades going on for months.

And I’ve heard several times that the sickos planning to kidnap Gov. Whitmer were going to move her to Wisconsin.
So . . that tells you there is major activity in Wisconsin (as I’ve noticed)
Where were they going to move her in Wisconsin?
Who else is involved?



Some posting here would tell you that there’s no meaningful difference between a Biden-led government and what passes for government under Trump. That’s nonsense, plain and simple, a fact no better demonstrated than by this article or just about any other published on Common Dreams. Look hard at that photograph and think of the consequences if Trump remains in power.

Yes, Biden and the unDemocratic Party are bad for the country. No, they will not responsibly address the most serious crises we face, true crises such as climate change, healthcare, income inequality and social injustice. No, what they offer is not acceptable and they are not deserving of our votes in anything like normal times.

But as is made clear with each passing hour, each breaking news story, each article on Common Dreams, these are not normal times. Just as clearly, the country is on the brink of frank fascism and autocratic rule. If Trump remains in power, that is exactly where the country is going and it will happen at warp speed. Trump will be unbound by convention or by law. He will be unstoppable and all the ugly creatures who have come out into the light, emboldened by his presidency, will be let off leash to flaunt their profound ignorance and act on their most despicable bigotries. Kidnapping a state governor at gunpoint, you betcha! Burning a synagogue and desecrating a Jewish cemetery, just out for a little fun. All with the blessing of Dear Leader.

It doesn’t matter that Biden and his ilk own part of the blame for Trumpism. It doesn’t matter that they are corrupt. What matters at this moment is that they do not represent the profound ugliness and immediate danger that does Trump. The hard fact is that the unDems are all that stands between what we have at the moment, a government largely corrupted by big money but still having some semblances of a democracy, and a very deep darkness. If we don’t want the country plunged into that darkness in short order, we must vote out Trumpism. The only way to accomplish that is to vote for Biden/Harris. If you value the opportunity to read the articles posted on Common Dreams and the privilege to engage others on this forum, think about what’s going to happen with another term of Trump and his cronies.


While the network and cable news programs are touting Biden’s large lead over Trump they do not seem to realize that that will not matter if voter suppression tactics are used to stop people from voting. There is less than a month to go before the election takes place and if the Democrats cannot figure out a way to make sure that Trump’s goons do not prohibit people from making it to the polls then they are going to be looking at another four more years of Trump and Pence.


When the only choices are Mussolini and Hitler…fascism sucks, but Nazism is the worst version of it possible.

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…stupid phucking white people


Sorry but I am not buying into the notion that a vote for Biden is the way to stop Trumpism. Going to the polls once every four years is not the solution to this country’s woes. The people must take to the streets in order to express their displeasure at a system where the United States is the least egalitarian advanced country in the world. British writers Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett drive this point home most persuasively in their most germane book called The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger. And voting for a candidate who is opposed to universal health care while also boasting that he is in favor of fracking is not what any intelligent and rational person should be doing. You may not have a problem voting for the corporate and militant Biden but I most certainly do. Just a little reminder: when voting for the lesser of two evils one will still end up with an evil which is what the people of the Middle East and Africa will surely know when President Biden begins slaughtering their loved ones with 500 lb. bombs and drone missiles.


Excellent post.

You are not going to change the minds of some here who are unable to go beyond black and white thinking. Voting for Biden/Harris does not preclude taking to the streets if they get elected which we will not be able to do if trump remains in and expands his power.

At this rate, we will not have polls, or 4 year election cycles as you point out if trump holds on to power. Hell we may not have open, safe, polls on November 3 due to trump’s insanity.


These morons actually believe that people voting for Biden will circle the block and come back to vote again if they are not watching.

As to a ‘Threat To A Fair Election’ … that went out the window with the DNC
‘Fair Primary Election’.


That vote for Biden is not all that is required to mitigate Trumpism, but it is a darn good start. Anyway, it will all be over in four weeks. I think Trump is going to lose by a huge margin. He is growing in incompetence daily.


So your going to take to the streets and get yourself shot by armed militias rather than vote trump out via the detour called Biden / Harris ?
What could possibly got wrong with that brilliant piece of thinking .


Unfortunately you never gave me one good reason why any intelligent and rational person should vote for a corporate warmonger like Biden. And no, voting for Biden simply because he is not Trump is not a germane reason to vote for a representative of the Savage Mules. And despite your bizarre claim, I never said that people should protest only during a national election.


And yet, to borrow from your words, you yourself seem to be engaging in black and white thinking when you seem to believe that the only two choices that one must have on November are between a corporate and militant Trump and a corporate and militant Biden. Pardon me if I fail to see the difference between Tweedledee and Tweedledum.


For the future we must begin by making owning guns a PRIVILEGE, it’s past time to dissolve the 2nd amendment which is what enables and empowers these militias. Disarming these extreme racist gun kooks who couldn’t pass a psychiatric evaluation or score above the atomic number of lead on an IQ test, would go a long way towards sinking their ship. It would have much the same disarming effect that calling out drumpf’s lies to his face would have (as Mary Trump described). It’s time put a stop to this nonsense once and for all. Stop pretending. Stop making it acceptable. Call these people out for what they are. The king has no clothes!

While it would be certain rethuglicans will immediately cry foul, a violation of their rights, to do so. What about the rights of all those who have and will be killed. The rights of Americans to live (and vote), safe and secure, in their homes, schools, and work places.


The constitution clearly states that I have the right to point an assault weapon at your head while I smile and make “pew-pew-pew” noises as you enter a polling place.

Geez… Get a grip snowflakes. (snark)


Absolutely agree as the Trump fanatics seem to place much more emphasis upon the sacred Second Amendment rather than the First Amendment. Also agree that the Second Amendment should be dissolved [ an opinion which one rarely hears these days] given the fact, as Michael Waldman points out in his brilliant book The Second Amendment: A Biography, that nowhere in that very brief amendment does it say that a person has a right to own a gun for self defense. As Waldman noted in the book, there was almost no mention of that right when the Founding Fathers gave their speeches during the Constitutional Convention of 1787 while the overwhelming emphasis was on firearms [i.e. muskets] being used in connection with militias. But logic and rational thinking are not what people want to hear when it comes to their precious guns.


Obviously, as well – the plan in Michigan to kidnap and kill Gov., Whitmer
takes place BEFORE THE ELECTION to ensure that Donald Trump will
protect them – even pardon them.

This brings us to the 25th and what Pelosi is doing now –
this should have been done months if not a year or more ago –
Pelosi doing this now seems a bad mistake –
first of all her comments re Trump’s condition seem to be almost offering
an ALIBI to Trump for his current behavior –
though it seems to me it’s just his normal behavior – what we’ve seen for 3+ years now.

With 3 weeks or so to the Election it’s making her very visible with
a new “attack” on Trump for those who are convinced he’s Our Savior.

Or – am I really wrong -- and would some kind of a panel like this help us
should the Election results be challenged by Trump/GOP in some way -

and the way things are going, I’m sure there are 100 or so different things that could
cause that to happen - from our Post Offices being attacked to Trump’s “recovery”
turning negative – to shootings at polling places …

I mean these are grown men out there dressed like terrorists who seem to be afraid of
everything and everyone – and working off right wing propaganda of FEAR.


Hell, they believe that Biden are Harris are leftists!