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A Timeline: Pence’s Role in the White House’s Russia-Related Mess


A Timeline: Pence’s Role in the White House’s Russia-Related Mess

Steven Harper

The Trump White House has produced what appear to be at least three cover-ups. They relate to:

1) former-national security adviser Mike Flynn’s questionable activities relating to Turkey;

2) Flynn’s role in the Trump/Russia controversy; and

3) the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.


Play in the mud and everybody gets dirty.


That photo with DJT captures the real nefarious essence of Pence...a very mean SOB who obviously has an abiding abhorrence for the emperor. Like DJT, he has "stink" all over him and wears his sanctimonious evangelical fervor like a cloak...a very dark, menacing cloak.


More like hogs wallowing in their disgusting self-made mud and excrement muck pool.


Three good reasons why we need an independent Congressional investigation.


I don't think he's mean at all. If you read books on sociopaths they lack the ability to feel depth of emotion. I think he's as sociopathic as Trump and Clinton. The way I see the Trump-Russia scandal is if trump has financial ties to Russia keeping him from doing things like attacking them - GOOD!!! My family and I won't be blown up by nukes for a bit longer then.

As far as declaring Trump's Cabinet, I means Clinton's normal buddies, I mean trumps cabinet, corrupt and wanting them impeached, I'm watching monsters declaring each other are monsters.


B-b-b-but I love making mud pies!!! :hugging:


DJT is the textbook sociopath. Pence the Pious is a hater: of women, non-whites, people of faiths other than his own, LGBTQ, and any others he so deems to objectify and victimize.


Apparently Harper, Moyers, and a lot of you CD commenters don't seem to realize that the Russia canard is simply fake news intended to keep the permanent-war program of the Military Industrial Complex on track.

You cannot be a leftist and support this.


You're right. He's another Betsy Devos. An evil person who wants to force his completely antiquated racist/sexist/and religious beliefs(fundamentalism) on others.