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A 'Timely and Needed' Proposal: Harris and AOC Introduce Bill to Keep Frontline Communities at the Center of All Climate Legislation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/29/timely-and-needed-proposal-harris-and-aoc-introduce-bill-keep-frontline-communities

The Climate Equity Act, should it come to fruition in some form, must also prioritize training, hiring and continued skill upgrades to the folks in those affected communities.
Breaking the poverty and low skills cycle plaquing certain regions in the U. S. is a perfect piggyback ride on this proposal.


I hope AOC isn’t endorsing Harris.

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Hi nature boy:
I think she welcomes people to support keeping the plane healthy----I hope that they start with FLINT and right away too, because it’s been 5 years and those people still don’t have water that anyone should ever drink. I was glad to read that Detroit is becoming a better city----but please, fix Flint’s water now. Its been 5 years! And NO one should be forced to drink poison water because of their zip code!


Allies don’t have to be friends. AOC and Harris can be useful to each other, and that is what matters in the great game of politics


Does it really matter who does it if it is a good bill?


I think we just have to wait and see.


This is where Kamala needs to stay. In the Senate she can be a key ally on a host of progressive issues. I just don’t want her to be the one setting the Democratic agenda from the White House.

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Politics make strange bedfellows as they say.

The corporate-Republican-polluter side (CRP here for short) has made plenty of runs: billionaire tax breaks, vote suppression, off-shore tax evasion, payola web access speed, dark money as free speech, corporation as person, and creating constant fear - fear of bankruptcy from an illness, indigent old age, lifelong college debt, immigrants, job insecurity. The CRP side controls most law makers, the mass media, more and more Federal courts, and of course the White House. Acting in concert, the CRP can and will nullify any policy designed to protect the Earth that doesn’t enhence CRP wealth and power.

Building a team to counter CRP Is what Bernie, Warren and AOC et al are doing with their robust version of Green New Deal. They understand that to fight global warming, you must oppose the CRP at every turn. You do it by building support so Americans can unite behind a vision, a future that includes everyone, starting with the fundamentals: Medicare for all, free public college, taxing the ultra rich, undo vote suppression, net neutrality, and more. Level the playing field so it’s even possible for the 99% side to win. The General Manager (Bernie) recruits the team, the head coach (Warren) calls the plays, and the players (AOC et al) hone their skills - that’s a winning team.

Bottom line, think barn raising. If we revive the American tradition of caring for our fellows, written now into the Green New Deal, we can disavow the toxic ‘me first’ creed of the 1%. Only then can we expect everyone to chip in to tackle the profound changes needed, changes which will affect not just the 1%, or the 99%, but all 100%. That, my friends, is the three-dimensional strategy of the Green New Deal, brought to you courtesy of the winning team. Thanks guys.

Otherwise we’d just be gnawing on the one bone (emission abatement) the CRP throws us: No thanks, NYTimes.

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So to must we provide cross training for workforces displaced by the winding down of fossil fuel industries

Well Spoken

True. Good thing for them Nike, New Balance, Addidas, etc., already makes work shoes for that.
They’ll be a step, or two, ahead of the game with a $15.00/living wage, as well.

First I would like some realistic proposals on transportation and power generation.
How is the transition supposed to work?
Is it going to be like the downsizing of cars was? The frugal contribute by going smaller, while the rich continue on with their gas guzzlers.
What are the proposals for the military conversion, and commercial flying?
We are a long way away from any consensus on fossil fuel restrictions.

that may all worked 10-20 years ago, get on board, you will live to see the end.

What worked 10-20 years ago. Get on board with what? I’ll live to see what end.
Sorry, but my mind reading is a little off today.