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A Tire That Should Inspire Fear in the Heart of Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/15/tire-should-inspire-fear-heart-workers

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That tire in his conference room, is a constant reminder that this government of ours, made up of almost exclusively of Democrats and Republicans in the Congress and the Presidency, has sold the workers out to the corporations who took 90,000 factories out of our country.

They broke the unions up and have driven wages downward.

Sounds like bad governance to me. Brought to us by Democrats and Republicans.

Still, the majority of people support the corporate parties.

Talk about addictions.


The corporations can cross the artificial geographic borders to a jurisdiction where people like you and me are even more disposal than we are. And they can make their money on the backs of desperation in one location and hide it on the backs of equally desperate in another location.

We, on the other hand, have to jump through hoops to be able to move from one location to another. When we can afford it. And we have our attention diverted by bright shiny objects when we want to see our fellow exploited as equals.

We had no choice but to offer our backs.

Decentralization is coming.
I will be part of the team that makes it happen.


Considering who gave us the “old” NAFTA, I’d have little trust in Pelosi and kind having the backs of workers in either country.

In truth, it would be foolhardy to let them get behind you in the first place.


It worth reflecting back to the first NAFTA. Remember first and foremost that in the USA it was passed by the Democrats. Any that think these guys are currently on the US workers side has a screw loose.

It also worth remembering that the majority of the Union leaders and laborers in Canada and the US predicted this outcome. There were dismissed as idiots not knowing what they were talking about by the Media and by the Economists who had all those years of education. In short the blue collar guys were more knowledgeable then were those guys with degrees from some school of economics.


Mexico has an expanded economy under NAFTA, not so for workers.


People don’t vote. People who could vote aren’t registered to vote so don’t vote. I don’t see a majority of people supporting these two parties. I see a great deal of apathy and disinterest. There are legitimate reasons for these attitudes. There are more pressing reasons than ever to maximize voter turnout.


You gotta give people somebody worthy of voting for.

The Democrats and the Republicans haven’t.

I say dump the Duopoly and vote for the best third party candidate.


How about a fair playing field with NAFTA and wages? If there was wage parity between the US and Mexican factories instead of the average 10:1 differential, there wouldn’t be a need for a border barrier on the southern border. Right now, Mexicans are kept in poverty, unable to afford what they make. It’s a super deal for the corporations with plants in Mexico. They can produce products at a cost much lower than in the US, and sell what is made in the US for not much less than what it would cost if made in a US facility. Perhaps Dumpster should have started his tariff with Mexico instead of China, it wouldn’t have caused as much grief for American workers and the American economy.


How many of those workers do you think have been voting Republican? (Not that voting Democrat would make much difference). They are so worried that someone might get a handout that they are screwing themselves.

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Why don’t these union sectors do something like form alliances across sectors, like trucking, and with their vast expertise and provable strengths, form manufacturing cooperatives for alternative mass transit. Work at state levels; start small and build scale. Join with the state bank movement. They could form a stunning base for state industrial banking.


The aggregate knowledge among these sectors is the REAL TREASURE THAT YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK!

F#@!! the R & D parties- unite unions on SMALL SCALE PRODUCTION PROJECTS and form political parties out of the experience.

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Funny------growing up in Massachusetts many good paying factory jobs left the state----did they go to Mexico??? No -they went to the South. And the big mantra was this is just the way it works.

Funny—Rep Tim Ryan ----from that great democrat voting state of Ohio???Stated in a debate that we can not have a cheaper healthier national healthcare system because unions would have to give up their gold platted healthcare. So the unions are fighting healthcare for all???

Forty-five years ago, someone could graduate from high school in Akron, Ohio and get a good job at Goodyear - or Firestone, or BF Goodrich, or General Tire. Now, Goodrich and General no longer exist, at least not under those names. Firestone is still a brand - owned by the Japanese Bridgestone conglomerate. And while Goodyear is still an independent company - and still headquartered in Akron - they haven’t made a regular passenger car tire in Akron in almost 40 years. First they moved to plants in less unionized American cities and states further south and west, and now they have moved south of the U. S. border. What happened to good rubber shop jobs in Akron, Ohio since the 1970’s is a microcosm of what has happened to manufacturing in the U. S. as a whole, and what will continue to happen as long as officeholders of both major parties are allowed to take money from, and be influenced by those major manufacturing corporations.