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'A Tragic Illusion': Did the Atom Bomb Make the United Nations Obsolete Three Weeks After its Birth?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/16/tragic-illusion-did-atom-bomb-make-united-nations-obsolete-three-weeks-after-its

Interesting article !

Yuval Harari calls our shared myths, such as International Law - “inter-subjective”, in his powerful book “Sapiens”.

How many share the view, the belief actually, that a world Congress, or Republic, is either possible or desirable?

We are collectively not very smart in long term and complex thinking - it was obviously not a high evolutionary priority. So we short term think - almost always - about everything.

Of late, highly complex issues such as the Sixth Extinction, Human-induced Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence, Nuclear Proliferation both commercial and weapons-wise, over-population, and literally a dozen other issues have become visible, but on the far horizon for most of us.

Since we are essentially leaderless now, and ‘business as usual’ rules the roost - our roost, planet Earth, we have leveraged ourselves way way out there on the tree-limb of life for our species and perhaps half our fellow species.

Some type of United Nations would appear, at least to me, to offer our only real hope.

Not having any money of its own, or any military - the UN has the enviable ability to at least say what is true, even if it must guard its words somewhat and not antagonize too much the donor nations of the world.

To answer the title question of this article:

‘A Tragic Illusion’: Did the Atom Bomb Make the United Nations Obsolete Three Weeks After its Birth?

No - quite the opposite.

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