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'A Travesty and a Disgrace': Trump Quietly Issues Memo That Could Abolish Union Rights for 750,000 Federal Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/22/travesty-and-disgrace-trump-quietly-issues-memo-could-abolish-union-rights-750000



Just like the old “Men At Work’ signs they’d put up on the highway (now signs say roadwork ahead) - this memo is like a sign that shouts >>> Trump Spite At Work <<< because that is what this is… spite and a threat too. All those who don’t love our Perfectly Perfect Leader Trump will suffer the consequences! Unions back Bernie? Since unions are backing Bernie so much… then unions should prepare for Trump’s union busting as his retaliation!

A President who thinks he can retaliate against We The People. Nice huh?


Each time the federal Executive leverages the office of the president to do the bidding of an oligarchy IT IS AN IN-YOUR-FACE thumbing and flipping at the DEMOS - yuppers… We The People. Unfortunately we are also facing the legacy of oligarchic hegemony dating back to the founding. Latest permutation : financialization of the economy in order to absolutely control from alpha to omega.

Slick willy, the B actor, the shrubs and their minions all attended schools to learn the ins and outs of absolutism/authoritarianism with velvet gloves. Keep in mind the systemic observation made by Diane Ravitch: Children of the rich are taught; children of the poor are tested.

This is but one stream of the systemic concept of reductionism introduced by the “Enlightenment”. The configuration that brought us global colonization, the trope of “race” in order to hide behind the extractive impoverishment and abuses done in the of “democracy”. These are cowards of the first order. The proof is in the military budget and the dependency on that very reductionist method. Ask yourself whenever a move like this slides into view: who, what, how, where, when is being reduced?

The message? You are chattel and they kakistocracy is playing God: it giveth and taketh away.


I hate to be so modest and to minimize this issue to to the extent that I am, but Americans are a ten trillionth as intelligent as they would need to be to even begin to approach the understanding of the negative implications of this event. If they lived to be a hundred thousand years old they would not know what this event meant, (much less millions of other events in this perfect storm), with respect to facilitating the downfall of our civilization, Fortunately, evolution wont be that forgiving, and they will perish - its just a shame they are taking so many innocent’s down with them.


The newest travesty & disgrace is the attempt by the deep state/DNC to try tarring Sanders with “Russian help.” His response was appropriate, if theater in the larger theater of the absurd that define the US propaganda machine and I doubt it will make even a small dent in his growing support by voters and unions.


trump IS a disgrace and a travesty rolled up into one overweight piece of shit.Imagining a baseball bat at 85mph slamming directly into that lying vile mouth, what a lovely sight to dream of.


If this does not wake up the working classes to see this con man for what he is I am not sure what will. He is not your friend–that distinction belongs to Bernie Sanders. This means you vote for Bernie and let all the oligarchs vote for those who would exploit us. We are the many. They are the few. After we win then all will be treated as equally valuable and the oligarchs will just have to get used to it.


Hopefully this will be a wake-up call. Am I dreaming?


So far the gumerment and the current occupant have been allowed to demoralize and devolve many rights and protections that once were in place despite how poorly they did function. One example the EPA’s failure to react to the water sample from Flint MI sent to them (I think it was in 2015) by a pediatrician who was diagnosing high iron levels in her patients/children. And so far Mitch and Co have controlled the judicial appointments and stonewalled any positive bill put forth and bragged about it. So far the orange pustule has never been held accountable for all the danger he hath put upon the citizens.

Do not ask why OPustule thinks he is king for life. ASK



This corrupt attack on workers and worker unions is just a beginning; if the right-wing trump & co can get away with this, they will - as they have for the past three years, enlarge their repressions, reductions of representation, wages, education, benefits, environmental protections - all the things that workers have fought and died-for, for a century at least and make a nation truly “great”!

The malignant emperor trump plays at government and is the rotten figutrehead for the power and greed and arrogant domination of vast wealth and what it can buy; the government Of, By , and FOR the people - the 99% - the “little people” who struggle just to survive while a few who control vast wealth continue to buy representative government, the media/press, candidates, elections, representation and legislation to further the crimes such wealth makes possible.

The exception is Bernard Sanders who has fought and continues to fight for the 99%, “little people” and the Common Good!His dedication and authenticity are clear for all and that realization is spreading like a wild-fire!

The good people of Nevada are overwhelmingly supporting Bernie where he is 15 points above the nearest challenger! Today they will show the power of unity!


Trump’s not smart enough to come up with this on his own, they must have a team dedicated to finding these loopholes, to make the lives of the 99% more miserable.


Although your suggestion sounds almost harshly minimalist, Doug; I’m willing to bet a substantial percentage of workers would find themselves better off. Certainly living less stressfully.

Trump and his henchman Bannon have started the Great Purge of 2020.

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Destroying unions, rights, farmers, trade agreements, treaties, regulations, laws, agencies, checks and balances, norms, who does not understand that the conservative ruling power elite has no intension of sharing power, control or resources? Who does not understand that you do not give the executive branch unlimited power unless you intend to hold that office forever? Where are the folks who are supposed to protect America and American’s?


Paying workers is a threat to national security, but somehow billionaire defense contractors ripping off the nation is not. The “defense” budget is the real threat to national security, limiting our ability to address climate change.


Trumpers get their news from a propaganda system that ignores facts. They will be destroyed before they wake up.


Speaking of a travesty and disgrace, there is the influence from the DINO corporate centrist shills attempting to derail the candidacy and issues Bernie Sanders champions - to sabotage the 99% to serve wealth and power… One glaring example is Barack Obama who showed us all who he was and who he served in office and what he still represents now, and it is NOT the 99%!

"Barack Obama isn’t running in 2020 – so why is he in all the campaign ads?"



You conflate your message way tooooo much. Pick a side and cease trying to speak philosophically about “making sausage” or class warfare. Trump’s trying to run the government like he does one of his development deals where he bullies people into low bids, stiffs them on completion and dares them to sue, and uses non-union contractors to hold down the costs.


I’m just guessing, but I think the ones that don’t understand predominately live in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Indiana, N and S Dakota, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, W. VA, Louisiana, Tenn., and Wyoming.


‘It was the trade union movement that built the middle class in this country, and it is the trade union movement that is going to rebuild the middle class in America once again.’
Signed: Bernie (on Bernie Sanders website)