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'A Travesty': Chelsea Manning Faces New Charges After Suicide Attempt


'A Travesty': Chelsea Manning Faces New Charges After Suicide Attempt

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

U.S. whistleblower Chelsea Manning may face additional charges and solitary confinement relating to a suicide attempt earlier this month, according to her attorneys.


Chelsea manning is an example - a victim the PTB will destroy and punish for acting against their rule - anyone with the idea to openly threaten the global oligarchy will receive the same.
Like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, as well as journalists, who still deserve the term, all represent a threat to rule by great wealth and power, profits and "growth" above all else - the debt/interest/war economy, and global corporate domination, exemplified by the TPP, TTIP, NAFTA et al.

The protections "guaranteed" under the law is become a sick(er) joke, like is the two-party con - "Join US" was the HRC chant, just as deceptive and false as the Great Progressive Fraud's "change we can believe-in" mantra was - false words to pull the wool over the eyes of the gullible sheep. "We will create jobs" translates to "we will facilitate and perpetuate the servitude of the masses to the 1% usurers and profits over people and a sustainable future!

We will punish or kill any that threaten the status quo - who speak-out against or expose the con.........



Why don't you incompetent government assholes just throw a rope into her solitary confinement cell and go take a break! Have you always been this stupid or have you took lessons from Trump University? Travesty does not come close to describing the disgraceful way this young women has been treated. We should be tearing down some of the statues of Early American Genociders and erecting statues to real heroes.


Indefinite solitary confinement? That's not legal, is it? I seem to remember a Federal District Court ruling that found extended Solitary Confinement constituted cruel and unusual punishment, and the judge ordered many prisoners in the overcrowded California system released.

To the best of my memory.

What's wrong with all these sickos running these veritable GITMOs?

"resisting the force cell move team," Every pissed off storm trooper who shoots someone on secret camera says that, until the video comes out...


Stay strong, Chelsea. We love you. You just revealed things we used to see on our nightly news and look what they are doing to you. Godspeed.


This is the Occupied Failed Fascist Place formally called the U.S.! At least move her to a women's prison or section. By solitary prison is torture, and look at the Quaker Prison in Philly where they put people alone and isolated to hear God, the roofs of the cells were designed to steal or silence the voices of the imprisoned, and most of those people went insane. That is how long solitary has been without question torture, inhumane, and immoral.


Is Chelsea allowed to receive mail? Does anyone have an address where we can send letters and cards?


Yeah, this is appalling. And as a former soldier in the Army, I'm disgusted by the obvious willingness of this chain of command to torture a prisoner.
Manning is a political prisoner, and if this were any other country, the UN would be prodding for release or better treatment.
It's hard to believe that what Chelsea did was little different from what appointed leakers do every day in this government. They get promotions. Manning gets a virtual life sentence.
And to Col Lind, we remember your name, you repulsive hack.


This is a message to all of us - submit. Submit to whatever foul injustice our controllers want to impose to suppress democracy and secure their ongoing rape and wealth extraction.


Good golly! Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. Come on Obama! Free Chelsea!


Wouldn't it be nice if someone could bust her out and take her to a safer country?!


...or else...


I've got an idea! How about exchanging Chelsea for the Red Queen? Chelsea would be free, and perhaps get the Medal for Freedom for her heroism.
* Hillary Rodham Clinton would be in prison for her actual crimes against humanity and the Constitution she swore to uphold and, she would be locked away out of sight where she could never again savage the world or the nation with her actions. Justice would finally be served!
* A win win situation for all!


Manning's treatment has been with the full support of President Obama and the Democratic Party, or she would have been pardoned years ago.

These pages are full of the recent spectacle of the DNC. Nice juxtaposition.


That's a good link. Really tells it like it is. Well worth the read!
* Thank you for sharing it.


Magic Bus, I don't know how current this site is, but they have an address and some guidelines:



I don't blame Clinton. If I am having "relationships" with war criminals and others carrying out crimes against humanity, I would not want decent people to find out about it.


For some reason, I remembered an old joke, about the guy with a brand new, red, Ferrari sports car. He parked in front of a coffee shop and went in for a cuppa. When he came out, there was a ticket on the windshield.
* It was a ticket for "intent to speed."
* We seem to be approaching that in this country.
* Opinions in opposition to government policy? Subversive or potential terrorist. Lock him/her up.
* Wears different clothes or has a darker skin color, accent? Must be a terrorist. Lock 'em up.
* Poet, writer, artist, musician writing critical material on government behavior or policies; quotes history to prove points? Very dangerous subversive, lock up and isolate!
* And on and on and on. It is sad that you rarely or never see references to Walter Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, or Happner's Defying Hitler anymore. Who reads Sinclair Lewis, or Jack London, Orwell, or a host of others?
* Now, apparently, you are just supposed to watch Fox News and spy on your neighbors for signs of suspicious activity. Congratulations, you are now an upstanding citizen subject of the United States Fourth Reich.


Sadistic sociopath Obama picking the wings off flies again?

Why don't the Democrats spin us some more crap about justice, idealism, integrity, tolerance, inclusion? Why don't they tell us more stories about bathrooms for the transgendered and compassion for the mentally ill as they take a suicidal person and as punishment for her despair vow to drive her mad by torturing her for decades in solitary confinement?

America. Can't you just just feel how exceptional it is?


Jill Stein would use the power of presidential pardon to release Chelsea Manning and other political prisoners. This alone would be enough reason for me to vote for her.