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A Triumphant Return to Power for Bolivia’s Social Movements

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/10/triumphant-return-power-bolivias-social-movements


There are TIMES and PLACES where People Power and organizing around Values … CAN WORK !!

Let us WATCH and LEARN from the courageous and successful Bolivian people, moving forward to define and SOLVE their problems … AS THEY SEE IT !!.

Wow! What a kick to read about Bolivia. Now will someone please write about little Hong Kong, where a million people hit the streets last year, then voted 97% for democracy candidates in district elections. Then this week, Beijing kicked out legislators for not being patriotic enough. Talk about a struggle affecting a fifth of Mankind, in a nuclear armed leading economy with rockets reaching the moon. Talk about an impactful development, right up CD alley.

Bolivia is the best presidential electoral news in the past few weeks
– and, I hope, a turning point away from South America’s ‘blue wave’.
Previously, Argentina chose a progressive president, and Chile voted
in a referendum to throw out its dictatorship-imposed constitution.
Prospects for the left in Ecuador’s election next spring are good,
and even Bolsonaro in Brazil is diminished by Trump’s defeat.
Venezuela, hanging on, has acquired a new friend in Bolivia.
More power to UNASUR and ALBA!

CodePink’s call to get rid of Almagro at the OAS is worth supporting:
~https://www.codepink.org/oas (petition)

Uh, oh, watch out Bolivia - the US does not tolerate “socialists”, especially in a country that has so much lithium, coveted by US backed corp.s