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A True American Monument to Trumpian Times

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/02/true-american-monument-trumpian-times


My two cents worth: replace this insult to Native, Americans with four great Native American chiefs… of your choice.


Please don’t forget Charles Koch, the architect of the far right takeover of every branch of the federal government and most of the states’ governments. He has worked assiduously and very effectively behind the scenes to weaken and eventually destroy all New Deal/Great Society legislation, all environmental protections, and even the conservative Heritage Foundation’s very own ACA. He is the mastermind behind the deterioration of quality of life in the USA, the vast wealth and income inequality, the decimation of unions, the lack of affordable healthcare for millions, the poisoning of our air and water, the decreasing life expectancy, etc. Surely he deserves a prominent place among the most ignominious characters in US history.


In a collection of Native American short stories I read years ago, is a tale of a circle of shamanic elders meeting, who make “Mount Rushmore” vanish, and the original Paha Sapa remain…


With such a sculpture, make sure it’s part of a public garderobe, with the spillway down the faces. It would need to be a four seater. Regular liming might keep down the stench, and we’d need a moat at the bottom with sewage treatment paid for by special Billionaire taxes. If we’re going back to the Dark Ages, we’ll bring back the reason why moats were used as defenses. It’s because all the garderobe waste was dumped into them.

A great essay and visions; many thanks to Lawrence Weschler!

The question is inescapable; how have “we” tolerated such extremist hatred and depravity to come to dominate our culture and future?

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