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'A Truly Historic Moment': 50 Years After Congress Passed ERA, Amendment Meets Constitutional Threshold With Virginia's Approval

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/15/truly-historic-moment-50-years-after-congress-passed-era-amendment-meets

Really???BUt, But the JUST US Department says," NO."

If they stick to that silliness, then it’s time for women to pay LESS for all colleges as, they don’t seem to earn as much as men. when they graduate
And following the Just Us Department’s . ill-logic with my own----President Adams wife was said to have said to him" Remember the ladies." IT’s TIME!
the E R A era is NOW! : )

  1. The time limit has passed.
  2. Five states recinded their ratification before the amendment was adopted.

This is a Constitutional non-starter

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“There’s no time limit on equal rights.” If the US and its citizens intend to hold any authority in the world–physical, economic, social, moral or ethical; equal rights and health care as a human right must bring this nation into alignment with all others on the Earth. Otherwise, the fundamentalist resistance to justice will separate its adherents as chaff from the growing seed that is the Creative life-affirming and life-giving spirit of the Evolutionary Impulse of Consciousness.

  1. The time limit … an exceptionally interesting notion, in a “democracy”, in 2020, after centuries of “men” in control and, ahem… have you looked around recently? Truly… the idea that laws are required to assure equity and the “men” in control are so inept at balancing economies, ecological balances, education, foreign relations in peace… no. We have to respect a deadline on legislative process.

  2. Five state rescinded ( with an ‘s’) … Do, please, continue.


Sounds like a good point to bring up after the candidates are set, before the general election. It wont pull women voters in droves from the right, but every vote counts this election.

  1. Your point? The fact is that the Amendment included a time limit. It was not passed within the time limit.

  2. Very simple - even if VA approved, 5 states revoked their approval, therefore, it’s not 38, it’s 33, so still, no approval.

What else would Trump/GOP and their “White Male Supremacist” KKK administration
do but try to prevent this from happening?

Every school girl down to 2nd grade will be hearing that her parents need to vote against
Trump and against the GOP in 2020.

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Smith –

Presuming you are not saying that you personally stand against the ERA,
what would your suggestions be as to how to proceed from this point to
ensure females in US equality?

Would be helpful if it raised the consciousness of right wing women – if indeed
they are free to cast their own votes without bullying – and also important to have
these women understand this is about their loved ones – daughters, sisters,

and if they really understood, about whether there is a future on this planet.

Old goat –

Trump and the GOP standing with their boots still on women’s necks as they
approach the 2020 debates and elections across the nation –

How much more energy might this put behind women working to put more liberal
women into Congress in 2020 and to overturn the GOP Senate?

We need a campaign based in women – how about $5 from every female in US?

Is Pelosi going to run the campaign?

Will the DNC run the campaign as they’ve been running the campaign for Medicare4All?


Thank you Virginia.
Virginia is the 38th state to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.
What a wonderful way to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of women getting the right to vote.
Sonia Johnson was a strong advocate of the ERA.
Sonia Johnson was from Virginia when she got excommunicated from her church for supporting the ERA.
Thank you Virginia, and Sonia Johnson.


Goddess Bless.
Virginia passed the Equal Rights Amendment in 2020, on the 100 year anniversary of women getting the right to vote.
Matilda Joslyn Gage would be so proud of the women of the United States of America for taking step away from the subjugation of women by church and state.
Looking forward to marching with women this weekend.


“Ratify by the 4th of July”
“2020 is OUR NOW”
2020 what a parade on the 4th of July!
Ain’t no stoppin 'm now!
Suffragists, Matilda Joslyn Gage, “Woman, Church and State.”
Matilda Joslyn Gage the suffragist forgotten for her work condemning the subjugation of women by our churches, and our states.
NOW is the time to stop the witch hunts.


Hello ReconFire,
I don’t see much shifting of the women on the right changing their votes as they have been integrated into the idea that women obey their menfolk!

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This perplexes me. Should we have another amendment for black people, another for native americans, another for hispanics, another for asian americans (or should we split that up into Indian, Thai, Burmese, Chinese, Japanese), another for gay men, another for lesbians, another for transexuals, another for people who fall in the queer category other than these, another for the neuro-atypical, another for the deaf, another for fat people (there is a “Fat Studies” as a part of Cultural studies, viewed as an oppressed class), another for people who are HIV positive, ah … and what of gender as a continuum? I thought we were all non-binary now?

This strikes me as bullshit. Yes, the constitution should not be prejudicing anyone. Is there something in the constitution, specifically regarding gender, that needs to be modified? I think the only specific group whose rights were taken away in the constitution, were african-americans.

I agree with your point, but with the stakes so high for this election cycle, it couldn’t hurt, you never know, a few might just wake up. It’s been a long time since this amendment has been in the news, a possibility to jog their memories perhaps.

The process needs to be restarted. Unfortunately, I don’t think in the current environment the ERA would pass out of the Senate.

The only other alternative would be a Convention of the States, and that would throw far too many wild cards on the table for my taste.

The remaining course is slow, steady court cases.

“We are not surprised that the Trump administration acted swiftly to declare its opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment,”

Clearly, rump thinks america was great when women couldn’t vote, own property and all that stuff that used to be reserved for white men only and wants to return to those conditions.

And each and every election.

The case that supporters of a valid ratification of the ERA make is that 1) no other proposed amendment had a time limit applied to it, and the last one that was ratified, no. 27, laid on the table for nearly 200 years before it was finally ratified; 2) a state “retracting” it’s ratification vote has never been previously recognized as legitimate for any other proposed amendment. It’s a one-way trip to ratification, no take-backs. I think they have a solid court case, but the right controls most of the higher courts and SCOTUS, so maybe not.

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