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A Trump-Bolsonaro Free Trade Deal Is an Apocalyptically Bad Idea

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/10/trump-bolsonaro-free-trade-deal-apocalyptically-bad-idea

Be prepared for an onslaught of UN denigration around the world once again. Why? because the UN forum in both NY and Geneva Switzerland are the centers for documentation and interface with international law, negotiation and reaffirmation of indigenous rights ESPECIALLY Land Rights.

The US pressure on Venezuela caused a wave of migration to Brazil and ballooning manufacturing and agribusiness slave labor is one result.

The financial transnationals triangulate hideous manipulations utterly without conscience or consideration of long term consequences.

USDA has been pumping (or is it ‘pimping’) for MATOPIBA and people here need to know about this behind scenes going on overdrive since 2012.

A new report uncovers how international pension funds, foreign investments and institutions are tearing down any future for rural communities in Northeastern Brazil.
“The Social and Environmental Cost of Land Business. The Case of MATOPIBA, Brazil”
Download the report

There is really a point at which waiting for the next bad policy to be implemented has to stop.

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Well, dontcha know, the health of Amazon is more important than the health of the Amazon.

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Miller sez:
“Proponents of the U.S. Brazil free trade agreement seem to be operating in an alternative universe, oblivious to or willfully ignorant of the environmental and social realities …”

It’s a rather compact universe, in which the horizon in all directions extends only as far as the next quarterly financial report.

“How pushing the Amazon over the ecological tipping point while accelerating global climate chaos wouldn’t entirely undermine those goals is incomprehensible”.

The widespread attitude of the deniers like Trump and his doppelganger Bolsonaro is, “The tipping point problems are in the future, someone else’s problem. I can get mine now and I’ll be great now and down the road, come what may”.