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A Trump Candidacy Is Good for the Democrats, But Bad for America


A Trump Candidacy Is Good for the Democrats, But Bad for America

Peter Dreier

Would having Donald Trump as the GOP nominee be good or bad for the Democrats -- or for the country?

On the one hand, I'm confident that either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders could beat Trump relatively easily. Current polls show Sanders beating Trump, and Clinton beating Trump (although by a narrower margin).


I think by now everyone should have learned that it is a mistake to underestimate Trump. I could see him defeating Sanders or Clinton. If nothing else Trump can be funny. He doesn't stick to talking points but just lets it rip. Republicans who now say they will never vote for Trump will change their minds with the prospect of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders being the next president. I don't know how either Sanders or Clinton would go about debating Trump. The most nasty person might wind up the winner. He doesn't want to dismantle the safety net like most Republicans so he could have a much broader appeal than a true conservative. Donald Trump just could be a disaster waiting to happen.


Trump relishes the thought of running against Clinton.

The GOP will not deny Trump the nomination if he wins enough primaries. They know that third party Trump means a guaranteed loss for the GOP in November.


Wow, Dr Ben Carson is your pick, your preference? Aren't you concerned that his 'chip' is slipping?
Face palm.


Trump would lose to HRC?

I do not agree. Do not sell Trump short because I would argue, whether you like him or not, Trump has proven he is a formidable candidate and could very well beat HRC, because the dems. would lose thousands of Independents and third party supporters like me; furthermore, in my opinion, Trump would absolutely bury HRC in the debates as she has a plethora of negative baggage with Goldman Saks ect.

On the other hand, I would predict that Bernie would bury Trump in a general election because of all the new voters Bernie would attract. But here is the problem: the Democratic party is so corrupt, probably a 10: 1 chance they would rather nominate the Wall Street whore than win the 2016 election!