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A Trump Defeat Will Not End the Far-Right Threat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/22/trump-defeat-will-not-end-far-right-threat


Ever since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation the Democrats have operated under the revised definition of bipartisanship…which is: capitulating to the GOP agenda.


The Democratic leadership in charge of the machine’s levers didn’t capitulate to the GOP agenda, they embraced it. As Jim Hightower so aptly put it years ago, “The Senate ain’t called the Millionaire’s Club for nuthin’.”


“The Wall Street-friendly legacy of the Clinton-Obama brand of liberal politics has much to do with the rise of Trump to the presidency. For decades now, the Democratic political establishment has overseen the betrayal of progressive and working-class hopes and interests.”

So tell the DNC to shove it, and vote third party. Voting for Biden just tells the DLC that you are willing to accept something even worse next time.


I see it differently. Voting for Biden gives us four years to get our shit together.


Who is we in this scenario? (The question is broadcast and not rhetorical).

Voting for Biden gives the Democratic Party at least four years during which it cannot “get its shit together” because domination of the party by its far right wing will be reinforced by victory, and any vestigial association of the party with left or New Deal or Great Society egalitarian concerns will have been pushed another four years back into history. Even if Biden dies of a stroke, the Democratic Party will not move against its incumbent in four years, so that carries us to eight, conceivably 12 or more if Harris takes office, during which time the party actively alienates any and all of the population that might consider reform.

Or do we mean four years to organize a more nearly viable third-party challenge? But if that challenge is to come from the left, it is mostly the false-left Democrats who regard that as a challenge, so the party has been instrumental in blocking ballot access to third parties.

I see only disadvantage to Biden’s presence as regards getting any shit together, either way.


It would take a ‘Honey Wagon’ bigger than the Queen Mary to suck up all of the sewage that’s been building in the D.C. Cesspool for the past 60+ years.  Replacing Tweetle-Dumb with Biden might slow our nation’s descent into the muck, but barely enough to matter.  If there’s anything at all that Tweetle-Dumb has accomplished, it is revealing just how vile 99.44% of ALL politicians really are.


It’s great to see this principle acknowledged here.

I think that we can be clearer here: Biden’s “tired old austerity politics” go well beyond austerity into coercion and violence, as austerity tends to do. He is currently the face of the warrior-financier guild within the party.

That makes Joe Biden and his associates the far right threat most likely to continue after the 2020 election.


Meaning individual progressive groups need to get their shit together.

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Oh, FFS. Most of the Democratic “leadership” is now in their seventies or eighties. Are you saying millions of young progressives can’t drive these old farts out of power?


Not to worry! Everyone’s safe because:


Hooray for guns! Safest place in the world from gun violence and it’s all because of GUNS!

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The Chelsea Clintons and the Liz Cheneys and Pelosi’s daughter’s types are waiting their turn to

screw everyone over. In 2016 and 2020, they helped crush the voices of progress.

The only way out is to repudiate these predators and their parties of systemic

privatization which work for the benefit of the greediest.


I guess your not someone in Georgia making $7.25 hr??? I guess your not one of those dreamers brought here as a baby and are being told you must leave the only country you know??? I guess your not in your early 60’s and getting screwed by healthcare costs??? I guess your not one of those on Medicaid who will lose it if the ACA is ended???

I guess you like a Fed that is juicing the markets funneling more wealth to the super rich??? I guess you like 450 kids taken from their parents and held in cages??? I guess you like a President who has carried out extra jusicial killings of people on the left ,brags about it and encourages more violence along with his buddy Rupert Murdoch.


An illusion-----------I watch Senate debates and each side accuses the other of being beholden to special interests----and why----you follow the money------why do we as a people allow these politicians to be bought??? It is bribary clear as day right in front of our eyes-----who of us can go to a $100,000 dinner??? I could retire on that.

The media talk openly about how politicians will spend 4 hrs on the phone a day raising money----who are they working for.

REAL CONSERVATIVES AND PROGRESSIVES would want to do away with this corruption.


Biden’s type of politics is the cause of Trumpism. How then, can its solution be Biden? Sad reality is that the left is extremely weak in the US and power is concentrated in very few (octagenarian) hands. What are considered radical left programs in the US, is what Europe (east and west), has had for almost a century. Let’s be rational and not hope for the sake of hope.


I’m afraid that most of this crowd is immune not only irony but even to sarcasm.


“For decades now, the Democratic political establishment has overseen the betrayal of progressive and working-class hopes and interests.” (Subtitle of the article.)

OVERSEEN?!? As ErnestineBass says at no. 3 above, they have embraced it.


I guess you’re someone who believes that anyone who disagrees with your opinion must be a Trumper.

News for you, all that is going to happen with Biden too. Most of it happened with Obama.

And I’m old, sick, disabled, and living on social security. I’ll be one of the first to die when all this happens.


I’m afraid you’re correct. I just couldn’t resist.

The author is right. If we do not make an example of DT by, at the very least, imprisoning him - his nefarious influence will go on without him (either way). We have but to look at his many Congressional allies.