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A Trump Doctrine of Hypocrisy


A Trump Doctrine of Hypocrisy

Tharanga Yakupitiyage

In his first address on the global stage of the General Assembly, United States’ President Donald Trump touted an “America First” approach at the very institution that is meant to inspire collaboration between nations.

During his 45-minute speech, President Trump praised national sovereignty, referencing the concept a whopping 21 times.

“Our government’s first duty is to its people, to our citizens — to serve their needs, to ensure their safety, to preserve their rights, and to defend their values,” he told world leaders.


Total hypocrisy.

There is little hope for World Peace if the President of the United States of America goes before the United Nations assembly and threatens annihilation of another country.

There is “no” hope for this man who has no honor, only hate in his heart.

Lord, deliver us from this madman.


That’s part of the problem. Prayer isn’t doing something, it’s pretending you’re doing something. Behave as if there’s no ‘Lord’ to help you.

Call your representatives, write them, annoy them.


“The Trump administration is reportedly preparing to ease export rules to allow American arms manufacturers to sell more weapons, including assault rifles, to foreign buyers, despite concerns that weakened oversight will fuel global conflict and threaten national security.” Another sure sign that Trump and his villainous cohorts are leading the world to war.


Truman was not noted for his eloquence. However, when his words above are compared to Trump’s, Truman sounds like a wise statesman indeed. The bar is set very low these days. America certainly seems to have devolved.


And forgive our nation’s many sins.


Thanks for the advice TT.

Been there, done that.

Congress doesn’t have a 12% approval rating for nothing.

I’m a member of the Green Party.

Too bad 95% of the voting electorate voted for the Duopoly candidates on November 8th, 2016, and a continuation of the Status Quo.

I suppose I never took my “stupid” pill that morning.

Oh, and occasionally I like to appeal to a Higher Power.


The US electorate has proven so inept that prayer may be all we have left.


We are all in this struggle together; and for success we must accept many views.
I call on Mi Senor constantly; to me it is the Way.
Peace for all, and all for Peace!


i’m with you, TT. every goddamn day, i’m either on the phone with my congresscreeps and the WH or am writing letters to them. i have to admit that that’s all about as effective as these people’s prayers. i wonder what percentage of the posters here actually do write and call the politicians. and i’m with ponyboy on the duopoly issue; am green, too. if i weren’t totally disgusted with the duopoly before watching Kevin Shipp’s expose of the shadow government and deep state, i would be disgusted now. scarrrrry.