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A Trump Impeachment Has Risks, But They Are Worth Taking

A Trump Impeachment Has Risks, But They Are Worth Taking

Jeffrey C. Isaac

In an ideal world, the thought of impeaching Donald Trump would warrant at least three cheers, along with some somersaults and a marching band (my preference would be for a New Orleans Second Line led by Trombone Shorty). Yet in an ideal world Donald Trump would be nothing but a bad dream. Our world is far from ideal.

The establishment Democrats, to use a phrase from “Casablanca,” stick their necks out for no one—not when it matters.


We should be aware of the possibility that we have been scammed. Trump was being investigated by a friendly court of jesters. Republicans all, judging a fellow republican. Anyone leaning at all toward reason was weeded out along the way.

Isn’t it interesting that Muellers task lasted just the right amount of time. Not so long that it appeared to be stalling, yet long enough to be able to ride out the storm on a horse called litigation. Trump will be gone by the time any dust settles, or reelected and therefore off the hook.

This leaves democrats between a rock and a hard place. But even impeachment will drag on until 2020. What to do?

And I still haven’t seen any pitchforks marching past my front window.


Persuasive article. I look forward to learning from comments as they appear.

Pelosi sez:
“I’m not for impeachment … I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country.”

“Let us instead strive for bipartisanship, much as the President and I are doing in pursuit of new pharmaceutical profit protection legislation.”


"Absolutely Worth It."

Our Democracy Depends On It.

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Good article. The risk is that we can not trust the Supreme Court, the Dept. of Justice, the war-mongers like Pompeo and Bolton, the Nazi’s like Miller, Bannon and other Trump friends. Much damage has been done that is only the beginning of the US going under a Dictatorship that is white supremacist and ugly. My favorite comments have been on the NYT’s, but today DonCon’s people are there big time wanting the census to only count them and buying the GOP/FOX lies totally. As for the election I live in CA with 2 Senators and 3M votes for Clinton not counted. No doubt the same scams done in 2016 are being done today. The Constitution gives the House the duty to impeach for “high crimes and misdemeanors”. The GOP already used it to make Clinton lie about a sex game in the White House. No respect for the Trump/GOP/FOX/ and who knows maybe Russia cartel in charge now.

If the Dems actually wanted to win in 2020, they would be holding exciting hearings on #MedicareForAll, #GreenNewDeal, and #EndTheWars. Beltway insiders and their followers may think that impeachment hearings will fire the base up, but the reality is that we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We are sinking, and there is little reason to think that the Democrats would make things any better.


You may be right that the dems might not improve things much. But I’ll guarantee you that Trump would continue to make them worse.

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P’Loser and chicken-shit O’Bummer said essentially the same thing ten years ago when they let the War Criminals and Banksters off the hook.  Enough is Enough!!

If – in spite of Barr and his other stooges and allies doing all they can to hide the truth – enough evidence can be shown to the public to make the depths of the presidunce’s depravity clear to a large enough majority, perhaps impeachment could succeed.  All that’s needed is for twenty 'Poop­licken senators – that’s “only” forty percent – to join what we presume would be ALL of the Damnocrats in being sufficiently patriotic to stand up to corruption for the sake of our nation.  It’s a very slim chance but a chance that, IMHO, is worth taking!  Any 'Pooplicken senator up for re-election in 2020 might have serious second thoughts about supporting Tweetle-Dumb if the evidence brought against him is clearly overwhelming.

Democrats-- what a bunch of gutless wonders. Two strong women appear to be exceptions: Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Remember, the worst criticism that can be made of Barack Obama is that he frequently pulled his punches. Did this work out? Debatable.

I heard one accusation that Robert Mueller has pulled his punches, too. Is that right? Or did he present his information in the strongest possible way, as voluminous items to be thoroughly considered along with further investigation that was outside his purview for a crisp determination by the House to impeach or not.

Do I understand the impeachment process correctly? Most people don’t, it seems to me. Impeachment hearings are not impeachment. If the House, finally, after the fullest possible investigation decides to impeach, the Senate then decides to convict (or not).

We Americans are such smarties that we know the Senate will decide to acquit, so, we reason, why hold impeachment hearings at all? Especially when we can hold oversight hearings that are short of impeachment hearings.

But why stop there? Why not just assume that Trump will be the next president just as he is the present president so don’t hold any hearings at all.

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Why is the GOP pushing impeachment?
Could the impeachment cost Dems the House?
Nixon’s impeachment tied up the House for ten months. Do House Dems have ten months?
Ten months from now is February 2020 and elections are in November 2020. Does a nine month campaign win election in this political milieu?
Since 1980, has campaigning from moral high ground defeated the GOP?
Should Dems do something the GOP wants them to do?
Do you prefer Pence, owned by the Kochs, to Trump?

Recall the biggest protest that the Democrats organized since Trump has been in office was not to opposed any of Trump’s policies, like the greatest transfer of wealth in US history upward from already strapped working people to the already rich, aka Trump’s “tax bill”, but to oppose the firing of a 19th century-worthy racist Jeff Sessions. The Dems (and the Deep State) don’t give a damn about working people, let alone the creeping fascism we are seeing. They don’t think that Trump is a proper emperor for the empire. They want him to start a war with Russia, not Iran.

Impeach, and we’re stuck with Pence, a fundamentalist Christian who believes whatever he thinks the Bible says, especially the nasty bits.
Fail to impeach, and we’ve failed, despite this article’s attempts to claim otherwise.