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A Trump Impeachment Inquiry Isn't Keeping Congress From 'Getting Things Done'—Mitch McConnell Is.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/10/trump-impeachment-inquiry-isnt-keeping-congress-getting-things-done-mitch-mcconnell


It’s time for Democrats to stand up for the country and do what’s right for a change. I understand that doing what is right is scary but that’s the thing that we need to turn this bad situation around. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have the right ideas in my opinion.


The Democratic House has passed a lot of legislation that Mitch allowed to pass; money for war, money for ICE, and money for Homeland.


I know, huh? The House has sent all this legislation to the Senate, and Moscow Mitch has effectively killed it.

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It’s just democrats being pragmatic. We don’t want to force a government shut down, or have trump throw one of his hissy fits and cause unnecessary damages.

How are people like McConnell allowed to exist in government? What exactly drives his thought process? What is the driving philosophy???

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Thats an easy answer: Greed and lust for power, driven by viscous, violent,insanity!

Corporate ownership of politicians is the relevant answer.

Myths about a divided Congress not getting anything done are only half true. Congress gives the1% everything they want while giving the 99% nothing.

Moscow Mitch, GOP Senators and a few Democrat Senators are rapidly stacking all levels of Federal Courts so the 1% can overturn any Congressional legislation not to their liking.

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The Constitution expressly provides for majority rule in the Senate. The spirit of the Constitution provides for majority rule in the Senate.

Smug Mitch McConnell has thwarted both, and for that deserves to be condemned as an enemy of the Constitution. For this, in his base mind, he takes pride.

And he has done so to thwart democracy and the interests of the majority of the American people, in service of the savage greed of the few, the ruling elites.

To the fair minded, this man is repugnancy personified…

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Yes. While the Rs have, as Atcheson says, been The Party of No for decades, it’s equally true that the Ds have been The Party of Bait-and-Switch. What the 1% want, they almost always get, as Godless observes.

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When the time comes the Impeachment background music will have to be to the Allman Brothers Band album

Eat An im PEACH ment