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A United, Democratised Europe Is Our Only Weapon Against A Dark Continent


A United, Democratised Europe Is Our Only Weapon Against A Dark Continent

Yanis Varoufakis

Following the Berlin Launch of DiEM25, eleven representatives of the GREENS (including two Members of the European Parliament) sent DiEM25 an Open Letter welcoming its 'birth' and urging us to unite in the fight for a Democratic, Sustainable, Humanist, Open Europe.


Mr. Varoufakis, you are a beacon of hope. Thank you!


The movement for a better world beyond capitalism is gaining strength globally. Corbyn and Sanders are symptomatic of this. Capitalism and "growth" have run their course. That all the money system has left to offer is fascism and globacide is increasingly obvious. The struggle advances.


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I would, if I could, make one small change in your wording. Instead of 'symptomatic' I find myself thinking in terms of Corbyn and Sanders being 'emblematic' of the strength being gained. The emblems will hopefully evolve and become increasingly inclusive of all who and that have been excluded from the true equilibrium generating bases of life.


The Western media has long been nothing but a mouthpiece for the deep state that exists in those Countries. In fact a number of Journalists in Europe have come forward indicating they were paid to publish articles provided by the CIA under thier own name.

This article is the the UK daily mail claiming the crisis in the EU caused by Russia. This theme has been picked up by a number of other papers all publishing the same nonsense, that being the destabilzation in Syria is all Russias fault.

The article itself is not as interesting as the commentary. The people are NOT buying it. When we get news from the EU or from the USA or from Canada or any western state we have to remember that we are not getting the real perspective of the people but rather what those in power want us to hear.

I think there a groundswell of opposition to Capitalism that is growing around the world and a legitimate rise of the Left and that has those in power very frightened. The response are trash articles suggesting the Syrian Refugee crisis a secret and sinister Russian plot this even as the Bankers rob countries like the Ukraine , Greece Italy and Spain blind.

Mr. Varoufakis is a voice of reason and of sanity. It seems more people are starting to take notice and listen to that message.


From what admittedly little I have seen and heard about Varoufakis, I have taking him as an opportunist. Now he appears to be developing an agenda, which I can support.
One swallow doth not a summer make, but so far he has my attention and I will be listening in further.


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For decades the CIA used Radio Liberty, Voice of America, and other European propaganda venues to broadcast to Europe. Those broadcasts have finally come to the United States via NPR/PBS. The history of PBS/NPR staffing is a record of well heeled Public Broadcasting Board Members from the above European propaganda stations as well as Radio Marti and others.

The Bush-Cheney regime created a program designed to diminish the internet as a reliable source of information. They flooded the internet with deceptive information of all things of political value. Google was either recruited of forced to assist in the degrading of the internet. This article supports circumspection of all things Google and more.


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Unlike what's seen in this forum in the way of positing Greens AGAINST the Sanders' campaign, what the Greek sage advises is far more inclusive:

"We need a broad coalition of European Democrats from across the Left, Green, Liberal and Progressive Conservative divides."

So rather than the "this or that/either-or" ideological schisms that so many in this forum (and the U.S.) suffer from, what's needed is a powerful wave of amalgamation or process as in a contagious process of empowered coalescence.