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A United Front Is the Right Strategy to Defeat Authoritarianism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/01/united-front-right-strategy-defeat-authoritarianism


what if BOTH are authoritarians–a reminder–Biden is responsible for the greatest attacks on civil society in my life time-the crime bill-the war on drugs-the elimination of welfare-the elimination of Glass-Steagall that set up the crash of 08-the bailing out of the perpetrators of that crash while letting millions of Americans get kicked to the streets and let the banks get even bigger so the failure-when it comes-and it will- will be so much more disastrous-the support of the bloated military budget and the wars it prosecutes, the war crime it commits-he supports the genocides in Palestine and Yemen–arming the Saudis long before Trump did -and he and Obama still hold the record for the number of migrants he deported-the denial of health care and on and on—the choice this year is very evil one and very evil two–I pass


I agree.


Problem, Miles Mogulescu–you need a candidate who is not authoritarian to do that.

I hope you-all feel the wind as you’re twisting, but only because I do not know what else will keep you from putting your head in the noose again in '22 and '24. The party did the same thing and lost to Donald Trump in 2016. I wonder what other sign ought to be necessary.


Indeed! Remember when American’s were going to remember which politicians voted for the Iraq war and make them pay a price? Obama squeaked by in large part because he said he WOULD"VE voted against it (although now we know which way he’d have gone). 'Course, we all know which way Biden voted. he was INSTRUMENTAL in that fiasco…


Dems and Repubs are two wings of the same War Party. This combat vet does not vote for War Party candidates.


The Never Trumpers are miffed that Trump, in his naked greed, has exposed the diseased underbelly of crony capitalism for all to see. Beware of any alliance with them.

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