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A US Foreign Policy in Three Simple Words: Do No Harm

A US Foreign Policy in Three Simple Words: Do No Harm

Michael Winship

“The global trend is sour.” So says Larry Diamond, senior fellow at Stanford University’s conservative Hoover Institution.

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Yet another article by a Democratic Party apologist that tries to create the impression that the embrace of Dictators and “Harmful foreign Policy” starts and ends with Donald Trump.

Obama played the same game. He used the US Military to meddle in the affairs of another nations, attack other nations , destabilize other nations and wreak havoc the world over. Katrina Vanden Huevel was fully on board with this.

See Libya. See Yemen. See the Honduras. See Venezuela. See Syria. See Palestine.


From the article:

“Today only a bare majority of the world’s larger states remain democracies.”

And that implies a definition of the word so broad as to be all but meaningless.

“Empire abroad requires tyranny at home.”
–Hannah Arendt


Hi GuildF3i2S:
America and Israel both call themselves democracies too.
" FIRST do no harm, " is the beginning of the Hippocratic Oath too–but that came from a real doctor who truly knew his patients and his diseases.
Oh---- that Hannah Arendt quote is wonderful. Thank you for that.

HYPCRITE!!! Disgusting, simpering, evil, horrid, terrible, lying hypocrite.

That’s who Winship is.

“Do No Harm” when he starts off by ADDING to the New Cold War with his RussiaGate hysteria and trying to manufacture consent that we need to be antagonistic against Russia and Putin.

Sir? If we ever find ourselves sitting in nuclear rubble one of the villains to blame is YOU. >bleeping< hypocrite.

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As Pepe says and many here have said, we may survive global warming if we all exercise strident measures, but it is more likely we will all succumb from global conflicts.

Trade wars don’t kill directly, but they do a lot of harm. This article is only about one company’s demands for its workers here in China, but the article’s publication suggests that it might be being recommended to others. Mickie D and Gendeji, I can do without, they are not near my home, but I hope they don’t go after my Coca-Cola, my last symbol except for blue eyes to confirm that I am a foreigner. If Coke disappears off the shelves here,…, I guess I’ll just lose weight and be happy about it.

Hi helen: oh there are so many Trumps in the world already—I guess I should have expected that Chinese Trumps would appear too. I can hardly wait for the headline
“Trump’s been Trumped” of course . then we will have the mortician as V-P. Pence *****Apologies to again to morticians, but in the movies, Pence would be cast—whether it was a comedy or a tragedy mortician. "
I recently saw a wonderful black and white film, called The Loved One, and it was sooooo funny. I hope that the Trumping of Trump and Pence is funny too, although it would be a tragedy for some.
In fact my favorite line was said by the man who played both brothers, the funeral gardens and the pet cemetery…when finding how much more money he could make with his current mortuary garden land, he wanted to jump on that chance and said, " I gotta find a way to get those stiffs off my property." Really, it was very funny. : ) I can imagine Trump sayin those very words. : )

If a person takes a thousand dollars in the US to a small city or town, it will not last long. But if that person takes that thousand dollars to China and changes it into RMB and goes to a small city or town, they can live for months. If the US were not spending so much on military, likely the cost of living in the US would not be so high. But it is now. The only solution to any issue in the US in play for decades is to spend more money on military and security.

I personally believe that the China-US trade issue is very very complex. The exchange rate manages a massive trade between China and other countries. China has a large majority supply of many essential rare earth minerals which it essentially can control the price on. China has massive production as well as massive buying power. China has major clients in countries all over the world. Very complex.