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A US Tax on Wealth Is Long Overdue


A US Tax on Wealth Is Long Overdue

Thomas Piketty

What if the final blow for French President Emmanuel Macron came not from the yellow vests but from US Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts? Warren, who announced her candidacy for president on Saturday, has proposed what will doubtless be one of the key points of her campaign — the creation of a genuine federal progressive wealth tax.


The 1 percent already have themselves protected against such an eventuality. I linked this video once before but it describes the system of Banking used in the UK and in the USA to hide and shelter wealth so as to ensure it not taxed, it not measured as wealth and it keeps the money flowing IN to the pockets of the one percent and not out.

This is all by design. Forget the Swiss . The greatest pools of Capital are kept hidden away by the US banking system and the UK banking system. In the video a woman from India speaks to how they tried to form an international body to get at this money, much of it the consequence of illicit activity such as drug running , and how the United Kingdom and the United States od America ensured that could never happen.

The problem with Ms Warrens suggestion is it will do little to address the problem. It will only give the illusion something being done.